Case 24260: Regional Centre SMPS and LUB, and Downtown Halifax SMPS and LUB Housekeeping Amendments



Halifax Regional Council initiated housekeeping amendments to the Regional Centre Secondary Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law, and Downtown Halifax Secondary Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law arising out of the Centre Plan approval process.


On October 26, 2021, Regional Council approved the Regional Centre Secondary Municipal Planning (SMPS) Strategy and Regional Centre Land Use By-law (LUB) to guide development and growth within the Regional Centre.  At that time Council also requested a supplementary report on five items identified by members of the public at the public hearing. These items along with a small number of other housekeeping amendments were discussed in the January 14, 2022 staff report considered by Regional Council at its February 8, 2022 meeting.   

The proposed housekeeping amendments to the SMPS and LUB documents include the following:  

  •  Adjustment to Map 4, Maximum Building Height Precincts to change the permitted height at 6022 North Street from 14 metres to 17 metres to implement Regional Council direction provided on August 17, 2021 as set out in the Committee of the Whole report dated July 28, 2021 (Attachment A, item 56). The site is zoned HR-1; 
  • Adjustment to Map 1 and Schedule 2 to re-designate 2253 Brunswick Street from Established Residential to Institutional, and to re-zone from ER-1 to INS while maintaining a max. height of 11 m. This is to fully to implement Regional Council direction provided on August 17, 2021 as set out in the CDAC report dated May 7, 2021 for rezoning of 2263 Brunswick Street, including the adjacent parking lot (Attachment K, item 79); 
  • Adjustment to all applicable SMPS Maps and LUB schedules to clarify that the entire development site for Case 23050, substantive site plan approval for property located at 1740, 1730, and 1724 Granville Street, is maintained under the Downtown Halifax SMPS and LUB. A portion of this site is currently under the Centre Plan planning documents, which has differing bonus zoning requirements. Maintaining the entire development site under the Downtown Halifax SMPS and LUB is consistent with previous Council direction to support a smooth transition for site plan approval applications located in the Downtown Halifax Plan area; 
  • Revisions to SMPS Policy F-1 and related LUB provisions concerning uses permitted in the CDD-2 Zone without a development agreement to clarity that institutional uses permitted in the CEN-2 Zone are also permitted, instead of only commercial uses; and 
  • Adjustments to applicable SMPS Maps and LUB schedules to address inconsistent alignment between designation, zone, maximum height, and floor area ratio (FAR) boundaries for the Halifax Forum site and other areas that may be discovered prior to bringing forward the housekeeping items for Council’s consideration.

The above amendments are housekeeping in nature and are intended to implement previous Council direction, are aligned by existing policies, and are intended to help facilitate a clearer administration of the planning documents.       


The application will be considered under the Municipal Planning Strategy Amendment process


This proposal is currently seeking feedback from the general public. Any feedback received will be part of the staff report sent to the Regional Centre Community Council for the first reading of the proposed amendments to the land use by-law.

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