Case 24278 - Conrads Road, Queensland (The Breeze Living)


Thank you to all those who attended the public information meeting on December 14, 2022. Links to the video and slide presentation are available below in the Status section.


Brighter Community Planning & Consulting, on behalf of 13203891 Canada Ltd., is applying to enter into a development agreement for a residential development (PID 40023905) on Conrads Road, Queensland.


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The applicant wishes to construct 5 four-unit dwellings and 14 townhouses for a total of 34 units. The major aspects of the proposal include:

  • Each four-unit dwelling with two ground units (one bedroom plus den) and two upper units (two bedroom plus den) (a total of 20 units);
  • Each townhouse (two bedroom) with either three or four units in a row (total of 14 units);
  • Amenities such as a community gazebo, mailbox, garden, electric scooter parking lot, and a trail to Hubbards Recreational Centre available on-site; and
  • Parking spaces are available for each bedroom along with 22 visitor parking spaces since on-site parking would be prohibited on a shared access road.

The Development Plans (provided below) outline the development proposal in detail and include information related to the placement of amenities, building form of dwellings, driveway access, parking arrangements, and groundwater assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions were created to answer the questions asked by multiple residents in Hubbards and Queensland over the past several weeks. Municipal staff thought it might be helpful to answer a few questions before the Public Information Meeting (PIM) on December 14, 2022. Also, municipal staff plan to update these FAQs after the PIM.

1. Why was December 14, 2022 selected for a meeting? 

Municipal staff were notified on November 22, 2022 about the concert in Shatford Elementary happening at the same time as the PIM. Staff looked into changing the day and time immediately; however, the availability of local venues, HRM staff, local councillor, applicant, consultant, and developer made the rescheduling challenging. The next possible meeting date is deemed March 2023, so the conclusion was made to proceed with the December meeting but reassess the need for more engagement in the near future. This application is still in the early stages, and the residents will have more opportunities to participate in providing feedback on this development proposal.  Residents can reach out to the HRM Planner on the file (Byungjun Kang) if there are any questions or concerns. We will also post a summary of the public information meeting on the planning application webpage on the week of December 19, 2022 for residents to review.  We will post the PowerPoints presented at the public information meeting as well.

2. What is a municipal planning strategy?

Municipal planning strategies are Council approved policies that provide a local community vision to an area in terms of how it should grow and develop. 22 municipal planning strategies exist in HRM, each covering a specific community or communities. These plans apply “land use designations” onto lands. These designations describe the types of uses and building forms that are allowed in the community, and under what conditions. The document also identifies planning tools and creates zones which are then laid out in further detail within a corresponding land use by-law.

3. What is zoning and a land use By-law? 

Land Use By-law provides a detailed blueprint for future development that reflects the vision of both the applicable municipal planning strategy as well as the Regional Plan. A land use By-law typically contains a list of zones which are then applied to all properties within the communities the by-law applies to. Zones outline the list of uses that are allowed on these properties, in addition to providing specific rules around the size, shape, and location where buildings can be constructed on a property. A total of 23 municipal planning strategies exist in the region, each covering a specific geographic area.

4. What is a development agreement?

A development agreement is a contract between the landowner and the municipality which says how a subject site can be used and may include details around land use, building design, the layout of streets and roads and the density of various land uses. This contract is registered on title and, if the land is sold, all future owners will be responsible for the content of the agreement. Development agreements can be approved by Community Council if the proposal meets the rules held within local planning policy documents.

5. How could multiple-unit dwellings be permitted in a two-unit dwelling zone?

The subject site is zoned R-2 (Two Unit Dwelling) under the land use by-law and designated R (Residential) under the municipal planning strategy. While both the R-2 zone and the R designation do not permit multi-unit dwellings, there is a policy statement in the municipal planning strategy that allows Council to consider a development which is permitted on the abutting property (Policy IM-5). The subject site abuts Hubbards Recreation Centre which is designated MUA (Mixed Use A). The MUA designation allows Community Council to consider multi-unit dwellings by going through a development agreement process.

6. What is the role of municipal staff?

Municipal staff serve as the main contacts for the applicant and general public regarding questions, comments or concerns about the proposed development. Staff manage the process of the planning application by drafting reports, negotiating with the applicant, and making recommendations to Council. Staff does not make the final decision; Community Council makes the final decision on whether to approve or refuse the proposal.  At the public information meeting, municipal staff will facilitate the meeting and hear from the community their thoughts on the development being proposed.

7. Why was the proposal scaled down?

The original proposal of a 52-unit development was scaled down mainly due to groundwater availability. A review by the municipality indicates the subject site is capable of supplying groundwater for up to 37.04 units. Considering the groundwater capacity as well as the concerns related to traffic volume on Conrads Road, the applicant revised the proposal on November 17, 2022, by reducing the number of units to 34 units.



The application will be considered under the Development Agreement process.


We would like to thank everyone who attended the public information meeting on December 14, 2022. View the slide presentation. View the 3D concept video. View the meeting summary notes.

We would also like to thank the 27 residents who have already submitted feedback on this proposal. Public feedback and questions will continue to be collected into early 2023 – please use the contact information at the bottom of this webpage to send us your questions or comments.

HRM staff will also be collecting additional information and data. Once studies are revised, this webpage will be updated. The applicant is also considering the feedback raised in the public information meeting in December. Residents will be updated on the status of this process along the way.

If this proposal progresses further and updated information becomes available, then an in-person public hearing will be held to hear from the residents before North West Community Council makes any decision on the proposal. All residents who were notified of the public information meeting will be notified of the public hearing, by mail.

Documents Submitted for Evaluation

The applicant has submitted plans and studies required by municipal staff to properly evaluate the application. The relevant documents are linked below. 

A – Planning Rationale Letter
B – Site Concept Plan (to be revised)
C – Architectural Concepts
D – Traffic Impact Statement (to be revised)
E – Level 1 Groundwater Assessment (to be revised)

Contact Information

For further information, please contact:

Byungjun Kang

Planner II

Development Services

Telephone: 782.641.0856

Mailing Address

HRM Planning Applications

PO Box: 1749,


Nova Scotia,

B3J 3A5

Attention: Byungjun Kang (Please identify the Case # and address)