Case 24602 - Portions of Bedford West Sub Area 10 (PIDs 00289223 & 00289207)


The application is now in the public consultation stage. Please see the Status section below for more information on how to participate.


Application by Clayton Developments Limited to amend the Halifax Municipal Planning Strategy and to obtain a Development Agreement which would allow a residential development that houses approximately 1,445 people.


The applicant wishes to transfer permitted density from PID 002892707 to 209 Kearney Lake Road and build a residential cluster that will house approximately 1,445 persons. The major aspects of the proposal are as follows:
•    Five multiple-unit dwellings varying in height (Two 12 storey buildings, two 9 storey buildings, and one 6 storey building)
•    Townhouse-style units integrated into the podium of several of the multi-unit buildings,
•    Central amenity space for residents, and 
•    2.97 acres of public parkland.

The Development Plans (provided below) outline the development proposal in detail, and include information related to traffic impact, water monitoring, buildings design, parking locations, driveway access, and landscaping measures.


Bedford West is identified as an Urban District Growth Centre under the Regional Municipal Planning Strategy. Development of Bedford West is guided by the Bedford West Secondary Planning Strategy and is divided into 12 sub-areas.

The applicant wishes to develop a portion of the lands within Bedford West Sub-Area 10. The remaining lands with the Sub-Area will be contemplated for development under separate planning applications.

Bedford West Sub Area 10 was designated a “Special Planning Area” (SPA) by the Executive Panel on Housing of the Province of Nova Scotia to address housing challenges in the capital region. To help accelerate an increase in the supply of housing, as outlined in the Housing in the Halifax Regional Municipality Act, the designation allows the Minister to make decisions on planning matters in this areas.

Municipal staff will be preparing the planning documents for review by the Executive Panel on Housing. Given that the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing has the authority to approve planning matters in the designated SPA, based on a recommendation of the Executive Panel on Housing, a formal public hearing process at Council will not be held for this application.  

Updates on the planning process will be provided on this website along with opportunities for the public to review and comment on the proposed planning documents.  Specific public engagement opportunities will be identified at a later date and any public feedback received will help inform municipal staff recommendations and be shared with the Executive Panel on Housing.


The application is currently in the public consultation stage and municipal planning staff are seeking your feedback on the proposal. Your participation is important to us, and we encourage all members of the public to participate.

View the video on Shape Your City to learn more about the proposal (click on the video for Case 24602 on the right-hand side of the page). The first part is a staff presentation on the planning process and what the Executive Panel on Housing will consider when evaluating this proposal.  The second part of the presentation is the applicant providing an overview and explanation of their proposed development.  

Check out the application documents available below under “Documents Submitted for Evaluation”.

Contact the municipal planner by email or call 902-240-7085 to provide your feedback by February 23, 2023.

Documents Submitted for Evaluation

The applicant has submitted plans and studies required by municipal staff to properly evaluate the application. The documents are also available for review at the Planning Applications office in Downtown Dartmouth.

•    Design Rationale  
•    Kearney Lake Road Interchange Design Recommendations
•    Master Storm Water Master Plans 
•    Water Quality Analysis
•    TIS with addendum
•    Building drawings and renderings (site plan, elevations, landscape plan)
•    Preliminary Sanitary Plan
•    Preliminary Water Servicing Plan

Contact Information

For further information, please contact:

Dean MacDougall

Planner III

Current Planning

Telephone: 902.240.7085

Mailing Address

HRM Planning and Development

Development Services

PO Box: 1749,


Nova Scotia,

B3J 3A5

Attention: Dean MacDougall