Accessibility information for voters

The elections team of Halifax Regional Municipality is committed to ensuring that everyone is able cast their vote independently. 

Information for persons with disabilities

All polling locations in the Halifax region will have appropriate access to assist voters with mobility challenges.

I need help to mark my ballot

If you have a disability, if you need translation services, or if you otherwise need help to mark your ballot, you can bring a friend or relative with you to the polling station. That person will be allowed behind the privacy screen with you to help you mark the ballot. You and the person helping you will be asked to take an oath before you cast your ballot.

You can also ask the deputy returning officer (at the polling station) to help you vote.

I am visually impaired

A template is available at all polling locations to assist persons who are visually impaired. Ask the deputy returning officer for the template.

I’m deaf or hard of hearing

You can choose to have a friend or relative assist you at the poll (as above) or you can bring a translator with you if can speak using sign language.

Information for women in shelters

If you are in a shelter at an undisclosed location, you may not want to vote at your regular polling station on election day. The Elections team respects your privacy. In these circumstances, you can take advantage of the advance polls or call the Election Office to discuss options.

Voting if homeless

The poll location you vote at is determined by your residence. If you are staying at a hostel or shelter, with friends, or have a location you consider to be your place of residence, you can vote at the poll location for that polling division. 

If you are not on the voters list, you will be asked to sign a declaration confirming your information but are not required to have identification.