Ordinance 143

Number: 143

Name: Respecting Mobile Home Parks



BE IT ENACTED by the City Council of the City of Halifax, under the authority of Section 341(d) and 342 of the Halifax City Charter, 1963, as follows:

Short Title

1. This Ordinance shall be known as Ordinance Number 143 and may be cited as the "Mobile Home Park Ordinance".


2. In this Ordinance:

(a) "City" means the City of Halifax;

(b) "Council" means the Council of the City;

(c) "Mobile Home" means any portable dwelling having no permanent foundation used or so constructed to permit it being used as a conveyance on public streets and highways and designed and constructed to be a dwelling.

(d) "Mobile Home Park" means any land upon which one or more occupied mobile homes are located for a period of 30 days or more;

3. (1) A person shall not operate a Mobile Home Park without having first obtained a Mobile Home Park License from the City.

(2) An applicant for a Mobile Home Park shall make application to the Building Inspector of the City of Halifax.

(3) The Application shall: (a) be made in the form prescribed to be obtained at the office of the Inspector;

(b) be signed by the applicant;

(c) give the area and dimensions of the land to be used as a Mobile Home Park;

(d) give the maximum number, location and size of all mobile home spaces;

(e) give the proposed location of each mobile home on each mobile home space;

(f) give the location of service buildings and any other proposed structure on the land;

(g) give the location and width or roadways and walkways;

(h) give the location and design of water and sewer lines;

(i) give the location and design of the sewage disposal system.

4. If the applicant:

(1) complies with all City laws.

(2) has filed a properly completed application with the Building Inspector.

the Building Inspector shall issue a license to the applicant to operate a Mobile Home Park.

5. (1) No fee shall be payable for a license issued under this Ordinance.

(2) The operator of a Mobile Home Park shall, on or before the 10th day of each month, render to the Building Inspector a statement of the number of mobile homes which occupied a space in the Mobile Home Park in the preceding month.

(3) If the statement is not received by the Building Inspector by the 15th day of the month, the Building Inspector shall recommend to Council that the license be revoked.

6. Unless it is revoked, the Mobile Home Park License issued under this Ordinance shall be effective for one year from the date of issue.

7. A Mobile Home Park License may be renewed.

8. If the Park does not confirm with a City Law, City Council may suspend or revoke a Mobile Home Park License.

9. A person who operates a Mobile Home Park without a valid license shall be liable, upon summary conviction, to a penalty not exceeding $500.00 and in default of payment to imprisonment for a period not exceeding 60 days.

Notice of Motion to Introduce: July 30, 1970
First Reading: August 13, 1970
Committee of the Whole Council: August 19, 1970
Second Reading: August 27, 1970
Approval of M.M.A.: September 24, 1970

No. 1 Section 5 (Subsection 1)
Notice of Motion to Introduce: February 15, 1973
First Reading: March 1, 1973
Committee of the Whole Council: March 7, 1973
Second Reading: March 15, 1973
Approval of M.M.A.: April 25, 1973

No. 2 Section 5 repealed and replaced
Notice of Motion to Introduce: December 15, 1977
First Reading: December 29, 1977
Committee of the Whole Council: January 4, 1978
Second Reading: January 12, 1978
Approval of M.M.A.: February 2, 1978


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