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Dartmouth Sportsplex

Renewal and Capitalization Plan

The study is now completed. Presentation to Council imminent.

Report & Attachment To PDF Acrobat Tips:

- Stantec Dartmouth Sportsplex | Final Report

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Excerpt from “A Blueprint for Community Engagement & Accessibility"

This study recognizes that there is value in developing a renewal plan for the Dartmouth Sportsplex for future planning.  The facility has played a key role for residents of Dartmouth and beyond since it opened in 1982 and will continue to do so well into the future. 

As with all aging recreation, sport and leisure facilities in HRM, it is important to be proactive about planning for future, and with all aging facilities, it is necessary that facilities meet the needs and expectations of the citizens. 

This study will examine whether or not there are requirements or opportunities for expansions or changes to the building, programs, or services.

For more information on the Dartmouth Sportsplex study, please view our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any questions about the Dartmouth Sportsplex Renewal and Capitalization Plan, please email cfmp[at] or call 490-5713.