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Centennial Pool

Mid-Life Refit Project


HRM Regional Council has approved a number of renovations for Centennial Pool. The facility, located in central Halifax, was built for the 1967 Canada Games and has not had any significant upgrades since it's construction. Due to the age of the building's equipment, the facility is not energy efficient and will be undergoing a number of energy efficiency retrofit projects along with other renovations. HRM expects these upgrades will extend the "life" of the building for an additional 20 years.


August 22, 2011

Mechanical room addition Centennial PoolMechanical Systems - The Mechanical Room addition at the front of the building is nearing completion. This area will accommodate new mechanical and electrical equipment which will improve the air quality and heating systems in the building. All equipment should be installed and operational in December 2011.


solar panels on Centennial PoolSolar Panel Installation - Forty-eight solar panels have recently been installed on the walls of Centennial Pool. The energy generated from these panels will assist in the heating of the hot water for the facility. Work "behind the scenes" is still required but it is anticipated the panels will be fully operational in December 2011.


Phase 1 - Complete

  • District Energy—New natural gas boilers and 62 solar panels have been installed at the Halifax Police Department (HPD). The buildings have a shared heating system connected by a newly constructed underground trench.
Area of district energy trench
  • Solar hot water—48 solar panels have been installed on Centennial Pool to provide domestic hot water to the building.
Solar panels on Centennial Pool


Phase 2 - Nearing Completion

  • Construction of an addition to the east end of Centennial Pool to house new mechanical and electrical equipment.
Inside mechanical room addition
  • Measures will be taken to improve air quality. Upgraded ventilation system will ensure healthy air-flow.
Interior Ventilation duct Centennial Pool
  • New dehumidifier will reduce the current high humidity levels and reduce the corrosive effects in the pool area.
Interior duct work Centennial Pool
  • Update electrical system to current codes.
  • Heat recovery—the new mechanical system will minimize energy use, lower humidity levels and recover “waste” heat to warm the pool water.
Duct work at Centennial Pool
  • Removal of old, inefficient mechanical system and boilers.
Old boiler at Centennial Pool
  • Tender awarded. Several short shutdowns will be required. There will be disruption to parking on the east side of building during construction.


Phase 3 - Pending

  • Subject to approval by Regional Council of the 2012/13 Capital Budget.
  • Upgraded pool filtration system.
  • User-friendly design upgrades to the lobby. Improved, barrier-free accessibility.
  • Reinstate the front driveway circle, install additional drainage, sidewalks and curbs.
  • May require facility shutdown. Length of shutdown unknown at this time. (Tentative)







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