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Cpt William Spry Community Centre Upgrades

The Captain William Spry Community Centre
Phase 3, the exterior renovations, are now complete. HRM has finished the mid-life refit of this facility including:
• roof replacement
• parking lot improvements to front entrance (including reinstatement of driveway, sidewalks, steps, and curbs)
• enhanced lighting in the parking lot and skate park
• landscaping


The interior renovations at the Centre are complete. Improvements have addressed a community need for more recreation, library, youth and meeting space. The community now has greater access to fitness, dance, music, camps, art, leadership, play space and cultural activities. The purchase of interior furniture and programming equipment has finished the interior renovations.


The outside work consisted of three phases of development:
1. Construction of a bridge over MacIntosh Run - completed

2. Construction of a skatepark - completed
3. Roadway and Entry Plaza improvements - completed

MacintoshBridgeInstall1. Bridge over MacIntosh Run
Dexter Construction installated the 100 ft bridge to spanning MacIntosh run.



2. Skateboard Park - skateboarder graphicThe 6000 square foot skateboard/bike park has been completed.













3. Roadway and Entry Plaza improvements - work underway...
• improved exterior lighting
• paving

• playground installation (scheduled for 2011)

Once finished the improvements will create a vibrant and appropriately programmed landscape for everyone. This site was identified in the Herring Cove Streetscape project as a priority. The outdoor green space will be enhanced to provide the community with a site that is visible and accessible, with a greater exterior space for community events, recreation and play.