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Taking Action Against Graffiti

The municipality is committed to providing a clean, vibrant, safe and welcoming community for all residents, workers and visitors. 

Graffiti Removal Kits
If you have graffiti on your property, call 311 to receive a free Graffiti Removal Kit!

As a part of this committment, the municipality has created its first Graffiti Management Plan.

Graffiti's Impact on Community

Graffiti, if left unchecked,

  • Diverts tax dollars from the delivery of other HRM services
  • Destroys property and reduces property values
  • Undermines residents and visitors sense of security and safety
  • Promotes an undesirable image of our city to visitors
  • Looks as if "nobody cares" about the area

Graffiti Abatement Objestives

To reduce the prevalence of graffiti in HRM through a coherent set of initiatives while simultaneously strengthening our community capacity, and increasing civic responsibility...

  • To remove graffiti as quickly as possible as a deterrent;
  • To encourage preventative techniques as a deterrent to graffiti;
  • To involve the business community, community organizations, individual residents, youth and graffiti bombers as partners in reducing graffiti;
  • To ensure a good understanding of the factors that motivate individuals to commit illegal activities and anti-social behaviours;
  • To ensure legal instruments necessary for discouraging and responding to graffiti are in place
  • To adopt best practice initiatives deployed in comparable government settings

Our Approach to Graffiti Management

community approach has been put into place, recognizing that graffiti occurs on a range of public and private property and affects the whole community; managing graffiti is most effective when all stakeholders participate and a multi-faceted approach is applied.