Biweekly Recyclables Collection

Effective July 2, 2021, Biweekly Recyclables Collection commences in all communities of Halifax Regional Municipality. Recyclables collection will now occur every other week.

The following communities currently receiving weekly recyclables collection, will now receive biweekly recyclables collection services (every other week) along with their regular scheduled green cart collection:


  • Halifax

  • Sackville 

  • Beaver Bank

  • Kinsac

  • Cole Harbour

  • Westphal

  • Cherry Brook


  • Dartmouth

  • Bedford

  • Hammonds Plains

  • Upper Hammonds Plains

  • Stillwater Lake

  • Upper Tantallon 

  • Beechville

  • Lakeside

  • Timberlea

There will be no change to the frequency of recyclables collection for the following communities currently receiving Biweekly Recyclables Collection. These communities will continue with the same Biweekly Recyclables collection, with their regular scheduled green cart collection:


Eastern Passage, Cow Bay, Shearwater, Waverley, Windsor Junction, Fall River, Fletchers Lake, Goffs, Wellington, Grand Lake, Enfield, Oakfield, Dutch Settlement


Hubley, Tantallon, St. Margaret’s Bay, Hubbards, Peggys Cove, Prospect, Sambro, Harrietsfield, Herring Cove, Lawrencetown, Preston, Lake Echo, Porters Lake, Chezzetcook, Conrod Settlement, Lake Egmont, Elderbank, Meaghers Grant, Dean, Mooseland, Tangier, Sheet Harbour, Moser River, Ecum Secum.

The following communities will not see a change in the recycling collection, and will continue to receive biweekly recycling collection with regular scheduled garbage collection:


Petpeswick, Musquodoboit Harbour, Jeddore, Lake Charlotte, Clam Bay, Middle Musquodoboit.

Click here for an updated Waste Collection Schedule.

Questions & Answers for Biweekly Recycling

What is changing?

Effective July 1, 2021, biweekly recyclables collection commences in all communities of Halifax Regional Municipality. Recyclables collection will now occur every other week. Communities currently receiving weekly recyclables collection will receive recyclables collection on a biweekly basis moving forward.

See above for details.

I already receive biweekly recyclables collection. What does this change mean for me?

For those communities who currently receive biweekly recyclables collection services, there is no change. Please continue to follow your existing scheduled collection dates. Residents are encouraged to download the Halifax Recycles mobile app, or visit for scheduling details.

If I currently have weekly recyclables collection, when do I put out my recyclables after July 2 , 2021?

Residents are to follow the Biweekly Recyclables Collection Schedule for their community – see communities listed in Area I or Area II above.
After July 2, for the communities changing to biweekly recyclables collection, your recyclables will be collected on the same week as your regularly scheduled organics collection.

If I currently receive weekly recyclables collection, can I still include one recycling bag on my garbage collection day after July 2?

No. Recyclables will only be collected on your regularly scheduled green cart collection day with the new Biweekly Recyclables Collection Schedule for your community.

Does this affect my green cart schedule? If so what if my green bin starts to smell?

There is no change to the green cart schedule. Green cart collection is biweekly, on the alternating week from garbage collection. However, the municipality is providing weekly green cart collection services for all communities, during the months of July, August, and September in 2021.
Click here for tips on how to keep your green cart tidy.

Does this change affect the paper pick-up schedule?

Yes, all blue bag recyclables (containers and paper/fibre) and bundled corrugated cardboard will be picked up on your new biweekly recyclables collection schedule.

What happens if I have extra recycling?

There is no bag limit to the number of blue bags (with containers or paper/fibre) and bundled corrugated cardboard you may put at the curb.

Will my collection day and time change?

The change to biweekly recyclables collection in the communities noted will not affect your collection day. However, there may be some upcoming changes to collection day in certain communities that will be communicated separately.
Collection services can begin as early as 7:00 a.m., and collection times may vary. To ensure collection, materials may be placed curbside the evening prior to the scheduled collection day.

Why are we making this change?

Halifax Regional Council voted for this change as part of the 2021/2022 budget review process as a cost saving measure. In addition, the change will reduce the number of collection vehicles on the road and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

What are the benefits of making this change?

The Municipality will save approximately $800,000 in costs per year once the change is fully implemented. In addition, the change will reduce the number of collection vehicles on the road and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.