Hammonds Plains Area Waste Collection Day Change

Garbage/Green Cart/Recyclables Collection Day Change


Portion of Hammonds Plains area

Effective Wednesday, July 7, 2021 and thereafter, those areas described below will receive garbage, organics, and recyclables collection on a new day. 

The following areas/streets, currently receiving collection on MONDAY will receive collection services on WEDNESDAY, starting Wednesday, July 7, 2021:

  • Gatehouse Run and all side streets
  • Portion of  Viscount Run to intersection with Bree Ln
  • Majesty Ct
  • Ellard Ln
  • Duck Rd
  • Cranley Rd
  • Newbury Rd
  • Both sides of Hammonds Plains Rd from Larry Uteck Blvd to the intersection with Pockwock Rd
  • All of Pockwock Rd (both sides) including all side streets from Micmac Dr to Equestrian Ln
  • Natura Dr
  • Skye Cres
  • Thompson Run
  • All of Glen Arbour including Glen Arbour Way and all side streets
  • White Hills Run
  • Glen Eagles Dr
  • Norman Blvd
  • Daisywood Dr
  • All of White Hills and Maplewood including side streets
  • Lucasville Rd from Hammonds Plains Rd including side streets to just past First St (including civic #958)


Please refer to the map below to verify if your street is in the affected area (unshaded portion of the map).

Portion of Hammonds Plains area collection change from Monday to Wednesday (unshaded)

Collection will occur as usual on Monday, June 28 (green cart/recyclables).  The next collection for the area as noted will be Wednesday, July 7 (garbage/green cart).

Your new collection day will be WEDNESDAY

Please be advised that collection times will be subject to change.  To ensure collection please place your materials curbside for 7:00 a.m.

This change is necessary to enhance timeliness of the municipal collection service and to balance the number of households serviced on each collection day.  If you have received a notice and your street is not indicated in the affected area, you may contact one of the numbers listed below.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you require further clarification, please contact Customer Service:
ReGroup - 902.864.8822
Customer Contact Center at 3-1-1