Halifax Armdale Waste Collection Day Change

Garbage/Green Cart/Recyclables Collection Day Change


Portion of Halifax Armdale Area

Effective Wednesday, April 14, 2021 and thereafter, those areas described below will receive garbage, organics, and recyclables collection on a new day.

The following areas/streets, currently receiving collection on FRIDAY will receive collection services on WEDNESDAY, started Wednesday, April 14, 2021:

South side of St. Margaret's Bay Rd from Roundabout to Dunbrack St and side streets to the south

Quarry Rd

Walsh Ct

Herbert Rd

Fenwood Rd

Shady Ln

Crescent Ave

Cottage Rd

Bakers Dr

Alderwood Dr

Ferndale Dr

Balcomes Dr

Hart Rd

Fairmount Rd

Birches Dr

Stone Gate Dr

Walter Havill Dr

Ridgepark Ln

Ridgestone Ct

Alton Dt

Glenmore Ave

Kelly St

Brewer Ct

Both sides of Herring Cove Rd from Roundabout south to Osborne St

Both sides of Purcell's Cove Rd from Herring Cove Rd to Anchor Dr

Halef Ct

Stonehaven Rd

Edgehill Rd

Lynn Rd

Bermuda Ave

Elizabeth Dr

Melwood Ave

Lawnwood Ave

Lawnwood Ext

Windmere Rd

Armshore Dr

Forrest Ave

Keddy Rd

Sullivan Ter

Spinnaker Dr

Anchor Dr

Both sides of Osborne St from Herring Cove Rd to Dunbrack St

Trimble Ct

Bald Eagle Pl

Pineridge Dr

Please refer to the map below to verify if your street is in the affected area (unshaded portion of the map).

Portion of Halifax Armdale Area Collection Change from Friday to Wednesday (unshaded)

Collection will occur as usual on Friday, April 9 (garbage/recyclables). The next collection for the area as noted will be Wednesday, April 14 (green cart/recyclables).

Your new collection day will be WEDNESDAY

Please be advised that collection times will be subject to change. To ensure collection, please place your materials curbside for 7:00 a.m.

This change is necessary to enhance to the timeliness of the municipal collection service and to balance the number of households serviced on each collection day. If you have received a notice regarding this change and your street is not indicated in the affected area, you may contact one of the numbers listed below. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you require further clarification, please contact Customer Service:
ReGroup - 902-864-8822
Customer Contact Center at 3-1-1