Stormwater services

Stormwater tier rates for residential properties

Properties with more impervious area (ie. roofs, asphalt, concrete, and packed gravel) would pay more than those with less impervious area
Tier Parameters (Impervious Area in square metres) Old Rate New Annual Charge Number of Customers Affected
Tier 1 - Less than 50m2 $33.39 $0.00 2,326
Tier 2 - 50 to 200m2 $33.39 $14.00 44,710
Tier 3 - 210 to 400m2 $33.39 $27.00 31,041
Tier 4 - 410 to 800m2 $33.39 $54.00 7,768
Tier 5 - Greater than 810m2 $33.39 $81.00 2,123
Direct stormwater discharge from property

Stormwater runoff direct from property

Off-street stormwater infrastructure

Stormwater running into off-street infrastructure

Image showing piped stormwater systems infrastructure

Piped stormwater systems

Image showing stormwater discharge from low-lying area

Stormwater discharge from low-lying area

Image showing stormwater discharge via adjacent property

Stormwater discharge via adjacent property

Image showing atormwater discharge via water course or water body

Stormwater discharge via water course or water body