Department Information & Services

For immediate service, you can reach the Municipal Services and Information Center (311).

You can call 311 toll-free from anywhere within the Halifax region. A friendly and knowledgeable agent can provide a wide variety of municipal information and services in over 150 languages. If you have a question about a municipal service, 311 is your one-stop-shop. 

311's Hours of operation:
Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

For general inquiries, you can use the contact information below:

Mayor and Regional Council

Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: 902.490.4026
Fax: 902.490.4044
Council Office
Phone: 902.490.4050
Fax: 902.490.4122
Mayor's Office
Phone: 902.490.4010
Fax: 902.490.4012

Auditor General

Phone: 902.490.8407

Business Units

Corporate & Customer Services
Executive Director's Office
Phone: 902.490.4204

Phone: 902.490.1509 

Finance & Asset Management
Executive Director's Office
Phone:  902.292.1670

Real Estate
Phone: 902.490.6025
Business Parks
Phone: 902.490.6025

Fire & Emergency
Chief's Office
Phone: 902.490.5526

Fire & Emergency
Emergency Calls: 911 
Non-Emergency Calls (24 Hrs)
Phone: 902.490.5020

Human Resources
Executive Director's Office
Phone: 902.490.4794

Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Managing Director's Office
Phone: 902.490.3677

Planning & Development
Executive Director's Office
Phone: 902.490.4800

Building Inspections
Phone: 902.490.7097

Halifax Transit
Executive Director's Office
Phone: 902.490.6388

Halifax Transit Information
Access-A-Bus Dispatch/Scheduling
Phone: 902.490.6999
Access-A-Bus Registration
Phone: 902.490.6681
Phone: 902.490.6614
Lost and Found
Phone: 902.490.6617

Halifax Water
General Inquiries
Phone: 902-420-9287
Emergency 24-hour: 902-420-9287

Legal, Municipal Clerk & External Affairs
Executive Director's Office
Phone: 902.490.2591

Government Relations & External Affairs
Managing Director's Office
Phone: 902.490.1742
Risk and Insurance Services
Phone: 902.490.3937
Legal Services
Inquiries: 902.490.4226
Solicitors: 902.490.4226
Prosecutors: 902.490.4233
Prosecutions Fax: 902.490.4436
Municipal Clerk's Office
Inquiries: 902.490.4210
TDD (Service for Hearing Impaired)
Phone: 902.490.7083
Toll free: 1.866.220.5936 (NS Only)
Fax: 902.490.4208

Parks, Recreation, & Communities 
Executive Director's Office
Phone: 902.490.6048

Halifax Regional Police
Chief of Police
Phone: 902.490.6500

Halifax Regional Police Emergency
Phone: 911
24 Hour Non-Emergency
Phone: 902.490.5020
TTY: 902.490.7252

Transportation & Public Works
Executive Director's Office
Phone: 902.490.6206

Library Administration
Phone: 902.490.5744