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N-Viro Soil Amendment

Peer Review Study

October 2011


The treatment of biosolids is an integral component of the Harbour Solutions Project.  The N-Viro process was selected for the beneficial reuse of this valuable organic material, in keeping with HRM's composting and recycling philosophy.  By provincial regulation, organic material can't be landfilled in Nova Scotia.  This includes biosolids.

On August 1, 2007, Halifax Water assumed control of HRM's wastewater and stormwater assets.  the Harbour Solutions Project followed as part of the transfer.

In August 2010, material (N-Viro Soil Amendment product plus compost of unidentified source and quality) was applied as a topsoil comonent along Dunbrack Street in Halifax.  Odour complaints followed.

On November 16, 2010, HRM Regional Council imposed a moratorium on the application of N-Viro Soil Amendment (NVSA) on municipally owned property.  N-Viro Soil Amendment continues to be used by N-Viro customers, as the moratorium is only on HRM owned properties.  Also, on November 16, 2010, following a comprehensive report on the municipal usage of N-Viro Halifax Soil Amendment, Regional Council requested Halifax Water contract for an independent review of the literature on the subject.  Following the HRM request, Halifax Water issued a Request for Proposal.  That solicitation process resulted in an award to Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions Inc. using subject matter expert consultants Dr. Mel Webber and Joe Stephenson.

The report contains the responses to the questions from Regional Council, and provides eleven conclusions and nine recommendations.  The full report can be viewed on the Halifax Water website at and the HRM website at .

For N-Viro Soil Amendment product test results, and further product information, please visit .