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Diversity Works

Immigration / Newcomers Guide - Welcome to HRM
Help for New Residents

About Immigration and Settlement


Newcomer family

Immigrating to HRM


Getting Settled in HRM

Legal and settlement services to refugee claimants.

  • Family Doctors
    Find a family doctor in HRM who is accepting new patients.
  • Capital Health
    Full range of patient care programs and support services, including hospitals, health promotion information, and doctor referrals.
  • Finding housing - there are a range of options to find housing depending on whether you want to own or rent.  There are also private companies that provide settlement services.
  • Renting - Have all your questions answered at Access Nova Scotia or access Tenants' Rights Guide from Dalhousie Legal Aid Clinic
  • Finding services - look for HRM businesses listed on the web.

  • Starting your own business - if you want to start your own business, the "Connections" guide is for you. Produced by Canada Business and ISIS, this guide is available in both English and French.