Grand Oasis Information

Grand Oasis Free Concert Events at the Grand Parade

The Grand Oasis Festival Series – a free festival to celebrate music, art, and culture at Grand Parade in downtown Halifax. The festival will take place from June 21 to Oct. 1, 2022.   

 All events are free of charge. 

 Each week will include a new lineup of artists and events, from Canada’s greatest hitmakers to Billboard chart-topping sensations to Indigenous artists and voices.

 More artists and events will be added to the website over the coming weeks.


Amazing Music, Culture and Art All Summer Long !

June 21 - October 1, 2022

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Grand Oasis Passes 

The Grand Oasis Festival is a free event and passes are not required. However, festival goers have the option to secure a guaranteed free pass. What are the benefits?

    • Avoid the disappointment of showing up and the event being full!
    • Confirms that you can attend an outdoor event if it reaches full capacity (note: you must arrive within one hour of the concert start time or the pass will no longer be valid)
    • Confirms that you have a spot if the event moves indoors due to weather and indoor capacity is more limited.
    • Comfort in knowing you can see your favourite artist(s) for free, live in concert and with friends or family! We strongly encourage festival goers to reserve a guaranteed pass if they are attending with a large group. Please reserve one pass per person per event.


What is a guarantee pass?

Guarantee Your Space Indoors or Outdoors – Some shows will have a rain location. This pass will guarantee you a chance to see the concert Indoors and/or outdoors*

*If you don’t arrive in line one hour after doors open your pass may not be accepted if the venue is at capacity.

Can we bring our own chair?

The concerts are not long so we encourage no chairs. If you bring your own you must be a minimum of 100 feet back from the front of the stage. Best spot is in the back of the green spaces or near the church for bagged chairs. If you’re in a wheel chair find security or our staff and they will accommodate you.

How to guarantee your spot outdoors

These tickets confirm you can attend the concert outdoors* You will be able to attend the indoor venue if capacity has not been reached one hour after doors open.

 Outdoor events can also reach full capacity. If you don’t arrive 1 hour after doors open your ticket could potentially be refused.

What is the Grand Oasis?

The Grand Oasis is part of our downtown enhancement program to encourage tourists and locals to come celebrate our downtown together again. It is considered a “Sanctuary for the event minded”. A space to come sing, dance or sit on our outdoor patio furniture to enjoy the sights and sounds of live events. 
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Where is the Grand Oasis?

Pin 1770 Barrington Street, Halifax NS in your GPS. We are right outside of City Hall in a large event space. There are green space areas to bring a picnic basket and hard surfaces that are accessible from multiple areas on Barrington and Argyle. The event space is wheel chair accessible.

When does it begin and end? 

June 21 – Kickoff (Summer Solstice/National Indigenous Peoples Day and October 1 Treaty Day Closing Event. We will host concerts/events every Friday and Saturday from July 1 – October 1  

Can my band play at the Grand Oasis? Can I DJ at the Grand Oasis?

Contact – However for 2022 we have no more booking unless there’s cancellations. We encourage you to only submit if you are a professional Agent, Manager or Artist. Links to your live performances, official website plus social media will be required. Our goal is to support and enhance the careers of professional artists. Developing artists have already been hired and we will also have opportunities through our Music Nova Scotia “Artist In Residency” program. Please join Music Nova Scotia to qualify. 

Will you be posting set times in advance?

Yes. Set times will be posted on the website and in our story mode on show day @hfxmoments 
All set times are approximate. 

What's the best time to arrive?

You should definitely plan to arrive early to be on the safe side. But 30 minutes before the first band is all you’ll need. Please be prepared for significant delays if you choose to disobey all signage and staff. Take transit when you can (the ferry is free Friday and Saturday for our events). 

What time does the festival end?
We will have various start and end times throughout the year. However we will be closed by 11pm latest.
Is there an age limit/rule?

No. The festival is all ages. We are going to have a 19+ zone on Argyle between Duke-Carmichael

Wow, there are lots of artists performing! Will I see all of them?

Events will take place over 15 weekends so there is no guarantee. You should plan accordingly and arrive early if there’s a particular performer you really want to see. Also, the lineup is always subject to change (whether due to flights or any other reason).

What will the weather be like at the festival? 

Prepare by checking the Halifax Nova Scotia 10-day weather forecast.

What are you doing to ensure my safety at the festival?

Security and HRM Staff will be on site during all shows. Please come to the entrance whenever you have concerns or find your closest security guard. Halifax Regional Police will be in the area as well on large scale event nights. We also have 24/7 surveillance on the entire event space inside Grand Parade. 

I'm a member of the media? How do I make arrangements for a media pass?

Please visit our contact page and select “Press/Media Inquiries”

I'm a photographer (for a publication, for a news outlet, for my own blog, for myself, etc.). How do I make arrangements for a photo pass?

Photo Passes will be distributed at the discretion of the Festival and cannot be specifically requested as part of your press application. We will provide syndicated photos from our on-site photographers for use.

Are you hiring workers or volunteers?

This will be determined on a case by case basis. However we wont have an application process. Our production team, venue design, event managers, clean up crews have all been hired to ensure we are hiring professional event folks who have been hurt by the pandemic. Our goal is to help boost the industry by hiring local dedicated event professionals. However we could have a few more volunteers opportunities open up. Follow us @hfxmoments or @hopscotchhalifax we will post if we need YOU! 

How do I become a food vendor ... or a non-food vendor?

Please apply by emailing .

Do children under 12 need passes?

No they will not need passes but you can feel free to get a pass for them as well. This allows us to plan accordingly for crowd estimates. All shows are free to attend but the passes allow us to communicate to all attending about set times, artist additions or changes/cancellations.

Can we bring our own chair?

The concerts are not long so we encourage no chairs. If you bring your own you must be a minimum of 100 feet back from the front of the stage. Best spot is in the back of the green spaces or near the church for bagged chairs. If you’re in a wheel chair find security or our staff and they will accommodate you.