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HRM is committed to providing safe and accessible services and activities for all persons, regardless of physical capacity. 

Persons with disabilities are welcome to attend any recreation activity compatible with their interests, abilities, and needs.  We consider inclusion a partnership between recreation staff and families.

The Playbook is the result of community engagement with parents of children with disabilities. As a result, Recreation led the development of a resource guide for sport and recreation opportunities for individual's with disabilities. The Playbook is also a resource for service providers in helping offer a variety of options for all Nova Scotians.

HRM recreation staff encourage everyone to get active:

  • we meet family and individuals prior to the start of the program to identify appropriate program options and supports required to assist the participant

  • we will make every effort to accommodate support requirements based on HRM resources and service demands

  • we encourage parents and/or individuals to visit the programs

  • we provide program orientation and training to staff 

You can help make the inclusion experience a success by:

  • assisting staff in identifying the recreational interests of you or your child

  • sharing relevant information that will promote a successful experience

  • completing the participant information form, the inclusion support form, medication form (if applicable).  These forms can be found by clicking here. Forms should be returned at least two weeks prior to program start date

  • review medical and behavioural policies

  • connecting with program staff at least two weeks prior to start of programs

  • assist in the training of staff to meet the participant's need/requirements when applicable and appropriate within HRM policies and procedures

  • committing to open communication and problem solving with staff

We see inclusion as a partnership between HRM staff and families. We believe inclusive and accessible leisure services are essential to everyone’s quality of life.