Voluntary Vulnerable Persons Registry

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Collection and Use Statement

In accordance with Section 485 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA), any personal information collected on this form will be used only by municipal staff and, if necessary, individuals and/or organizations under service contract with the Halifax Regional Municipality for purposes relating to executing the Voluntary Vulnerable Persons Registry program.

If you have any questions about the collection and use of this personal information, please contact the Access and Privacy Office at 902.943.2148 or privacy@halifax.ca.

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Halifax's Voluntary Vulnerable Persons Registry is only available to residents of the municipality.

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Eligibility Criteria

Note: Please check this box if you use a CPAP/BiPAP machine, oxygen, or any other life-sustaining equipment that requires electricity.

Life Sustaining Equipment

Additional Information

Note: If selected, it will not guarantee meal assistance during large-scale emergencies.

Please provide any important information that will help first responders to assist you during an emergency (e.g., I use an electric wheelchair that I cannot move manually by myself if the battery is not charged).

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Representative/Legal Guardian

Select your preferred contact for your six-month updates. Please contact:

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I understand that if I am approved to be added to the VVPR, the VVPR Coordinator will register me in the hfxALERT system so that I will receive VVPR emergency alerts as needed. These alerts will be sent to me via all means of communication that I have provided, including Primary/Secondary Phone Numbers (telephone call and/or text) and email address.


Please read and sign below for your application to be reviewed:

I understand that the Halifax Regional Municipality will provide the information I included in my Voluntary Vulnerable Persons Registry (VVPR) registration form to local first responders for use during emergencies. I understand that if I rely on electricity for life-sustaining equipment such as oxygen, my information may also be provided to Emergency Management volunteers and service providers. I know that it is important for me to ensure that the VVPR program has accurate and up-to-date information at all times. I understand that I still need to call 9-1-1 in an emergency and am also responsible for having an emergency plan in place to be prepared to remain safe for at least three days. I recognize that the VVPR does not guarantee my safety but is an added safeguard where local emergency service groups will make every effort to increase the possibility of my safety during emergencies.

I understand that if I am approved, some of my information will be available to authorized local first responders and volunteers during the event of an emergency. I further understand that as part of the program, updates are required at a minimum of every 6 months using my preferred method or alternatives if required. I acknowledge that the VVPR Coordinator will make every effort over a two-month period to complete an update; however, if unsuccessful, the VVPR Coordinator can remove me from the VVPR, and I will be notified accordingly. I know that I can request to be removed from the VVPR at any time.