Contact & Request

Report concerns on the size of election signs, signs in prohibited areas, signs on a travel way, path, or other concerns.
Requests to cut grass in parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, cemeteries and in the boulevard.
hfxALERT is the municipal mass notification system keeping residents informed about urgent and non-urgent situations.
Requests for pruning and maintenance of foliage, vegetation, shrubs, flower beds, hanging baskets. Examples include weeds in shrub beds, rodent holes, etc.
Request for a new sign in a park (sign maintenance, complaints about signs in a park -including election signs).
Parks related inquiries, including complaints & compliments, hours of operation, policy inquiries, lost items in parks.
Report issues about activity in the ROW or roadside memorials. Report general ROW inquiries regarding obstructions or placement of containers/excavation equipment.
Request for new ROW/Traffic signs, damage to signs, missing signs, sign maintenance, change or removal of traffic signs.
Report damage to HRM Property such as vehicles, buildings, sidewalks, curbs, grass, trees, shrubs, gardens, etc.
Requests for street sweeping outside of regularly scheduled weekly sweeping (during warmer months).
General inquiries or requests related to traffic. Examples include crosswalks, crosswalk signals/signs, road design, traffic calming, traffic speeds, etc.