Case 22009 - Aerotech Business Park



Planning & Development is working to update the zoning for Aerotech Business Park and surrounding lands within Airport Industrial Designation. This project includes introducing new zones that will protect and support these valuable industrial lands.


In 2008, the Regional Council approved-in-principle Part I of the Business Parks Functional Plan (BPFP) to guide HRM’s development of its industrial and business park program. In 2021 An Industrial Employment Lands Strategy (IELS) updated the BPFP and included specific recommendations for the Aerotech Business Park. On November 23, 2021 Regional Council requested that staff begin the planning process to use recommendations in the IELS as a framework to amend the Regional Plan, and the  Planning District 14 & 17 ( Shubenacadie Lakes) Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-Law.

The Aerotech Business Park initiated development in 1985 with an emphasis on attracting aerospace technology and manufacturing. Since the initial development of the Business Park, considerable public investment has been made in the airport, road, municipal sewer and water systems to service both the Business Park and the Airport. The current zones still reflect the initial intent to encourage aerospace technology. The proposed review of the zones and policies within the Airport Industrial Designation of the  District 14 & 17 Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) and Land Use By-Law (LUB) will reflect the current context and update the range and flexibility of industrial and commercial land uses within the Aerotech Business Park and surrounding lands for long-term industrial use. 

Particular attention will be given to safeguarding a sufficient supply of industrial land and recognizing the need for airport related uses. This work will include: 

  • Considering amendments to the MPS and LUB to expand the permitted uses and update the land use regulations and to provide flexible zoning to accommodate evolving industrial uses; 
  • Identifying lands that are currently receiving municipal services and considering amendments to the Regional Plan and Regional Subdivision By-law to implement a service boundary that will guide future growth; and 
  • Collaborating with Halifax International Airport Authority, Halifax Water, HRM Corporate Real Estate and the private property owners within the Airport Industrial Designation.


This project is being considered under the municipal planning strategy and land use by-law amendment process. 


Regional Council approved the Initiation Report on November 23, 2021. Staff will proceed with targeted engagement on the Planning Review with area stakeholders such as Halifax International Airport, Halifax Water, and private property owners. If you would like to submit written comments or speak to a planner directly, please contact Anne Totten, Planner, by phone at 902-476-8245 or by email.   

Documents Submitted for Evaluation

Initiation Report – Regional Council Nov. 23, 2021

Zoning Map 


Part I of the Business Parks Functional Plan (BPFP)

Industrial Employment Lands Strategy

If you have questions about the effects of the proposed change on your property or business, please contact Anne Totten at the information provided below. 

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