Regional Plan

The Regional Plan establishes long-range, region-wide planning policies outlining where, when, and how future growth and development should take place between now and 2031.

Vision and Guiding Principle: Our vision for the future is to enhance our quality of life by fostering the growth of healthy and vibrant communities, a strong and diverse economy, and sustainable environment.

The plan seeks to address the needs and view of all sectors of the region, recognizing the diversity of its citizens, community and geography.

The Regional Plan is currently being reviewed 

November 16, 2022 Update

The Regional Plan is regularly reviewed to make sure it still reflects the region’s goals for growth and development. In February 2020, Regional Council initiated a review of the current plan, which has been in effect since October 18, 2014.

A public hearing for Phase 3 was held to October 11, 2022 and approved by Regional Council. View the staff report. 

NOTICE OF APPROVAL – November 16, 2022


TAKE NOTICE THAT Regional Council did, on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, amend the Regional Municipal Planning Strategy, Regional Subdivision By-law and Community Municipal Planning Strategies and Land Use By-laws to include amendments related to Phase 3 of the Regional Plan Review which can be found on the Shape Your City project page.

View the Shape Your City project page for more details on the project and any opportunities for public participation. 

Full text of the Regional Plan and related maps

This text-only version of the 2014 Regional Plan [PDF] contains all amendments to February 3rd, 2023.

Each of the plan’s nineteen maps are provided below in PDF, while Maps 1-12 also available in ArcGIS Online Format.

These electronic conversions are unofficial copies and are provided for information purposes only. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these electronic copies, the Halifax Regional Municipality assumes no responsibility for discrepancies that may have resulted from the reformatting for electronic publication or from delays in updating approved amendments.

Regional Subdivision By-law

Regional Subdivision By-law (text and schedules, except for schedules B, H, I and J) (PDF)

Subdivision By-law Schedules:

Schedule B - Service Requirement Map
Schedule H - Interim Growth Management Area (Map)
Schedule I - Future Transportation Routes (Map)
Schedule J - Beaver Bank and Hammonds Plains Growth Control Areas (Map)