Parking Tickets

Enforcing parking regulations is a crucial component in the municipality’s pursuit of safe, fair, and accessible mobility goals. As outlined in the Regional Council-approved Integrated Mobility Plan, parking is an important part of an integrated approach to transportation. Parking enforcement helps optimize the efficient use of parking spaces, promotes traffic flow, prioritizes public safety and encourages alternative modes of transportation such as public transit, walking, and cycling. 

In 2023, the Regional Council approved the adoption of an incremental fine system for paid parking violations. This system introduces first, second, and third tier offence categories for repeat various parking violations. Users will be subjected to increased fines based on the number of violations a user accumulates over a set period of months.

How to pay a parking ticket

Parking tickets are due 60 days after the ticket was issued.

You are able to pay the parking ticket up until 11:59 p.m. on the night before your arraignment court date. After that time the ticket is no longer payable to Halifax Regional Municipality and payment must be made to the Provincial Courthouse.

When paying your ticket, keep in mind:

  • You are only eligible for the discounted price if the ticket is paid within the time frame listed on the face of the ticket
  • You have 30 days from the date of ticket issuance to submit a dispute
  • Payment of a ticket is considered admission of guilt to the offence - disputes will not be accepted for tickets that have been paid and refunds are not offered on ticket payments

Option 1: Pay your ticket before the court date

Pay online:

Pay your ticket online using Visa or Mastercard.

Pay in person:

Pay your ticket at any Municipal Customer Service Centre. Customer Service Centres accept cash, debit, and credit.

Option 2: Pay your ticket on or after the court date

If your ticket is not paid to Halifax Regional Municipality before the court date, you must make your payment to the Provincial Courthouse. See penalty details on the front of the ticket for payment amount. 

On or after the court date, you may visit the Provincial Courthouse to pay the ticket.

Failure to pay or make a plea will result in an automatic conviction, where you will be responsible for the fine as outlined on the front of your original ticket.  For payment arrangements or any further questions, contact the Provincial Courthouse at 902.424.8718.

If you do not pay the fine by the court date or do not appear in court as directed by the Summons, the Justice will enter a conviction in your absence resulting in a fine. The Registrar of Motor Vehicles may not allow you to renew your license or vehicle permit until the fine is paid. A fee in addition to the fine may be applied by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.

A parking ticket with the "Date Issued" section circled.

Wondering what date your ticket was issued? The Date Issued section is circled here.

Disputing a parking ticket

Receive a parking ticket you don’t agree with?

You can appeal a parking ticket within 30 days of it being issued by requesting an administrative review for a number of violations. Please see a list of violations that can be disputed in the Common Questions section below. Please note that ticket disputes will not be accepted for tickets that have been paid as payment is considered admission of guilt to the offence. Tickets issued on private property cannot be reviewed by Parking Services staff. To dispute a ticket issued on private property, Parking Services requires written authorization from the property management group requesting the ticket be cancelled.

Given current public health directives, motorists are reminded that even if isolating, they are responsible to make arrangements to ensure their vehicle is parked legally. Isolation will not be accepted as grounds for a parking ticket dispute.

How do I dispute my parking ticket?

If you wish to appeal a parking ticket, you can do so online, by mail, or in person. Allow 7–14 business days for Parking Services to advise you of the outcome. 

By self-service online: visit our online portal to dispute your ticket 

By mail:
Submitting a Ticket Review Form [PDF]
Parking Enforcement
PO Box 1749
Halifax NS
B3J 3A5

In Person:
Drop it off at any Municipal Customer Service Centre.

Common questions about ticketing

What is an incremental fine?

Incremental fines are designed to take into account the number of violations someone has received. Instead of imposing a fixed fine for all offences, the tiered system allows for greater flexibility in tailoring penalties to match the frequency of the violations. There is a discounted pre-court fine amount for incremental violations which can be found on the face of the ticket.

How do I dispute a parking ticket?

How do I dispute a parking ticket? Please call 311 or hit "Dispute Parking Ticket" using our self-service portal. Once a dispute is submitted, please allow 7-14 business days for Parking Services to advise of the outcome.

What kind of ticket can I dispute?

The parking charges listed below are the most common violations you can appeal.  The following types of parking tickets can be disputed, but you’ll need to provide supporting documentation (as indicated) to prove. 

01–No Parking (s.143(1))
You can dispute a ticket for parking in a no-parking zone in the following circumstances:

If the vehicle is a delivery or service vehicle. Please submit as proof: a receipt, invoice, or work order, including date, time and location or civic address.

If your vehicle was broken down. Please submit as proof: a receipt for repairs or for towing.

05–Parking during Winter Ban (4a)
You can ask to have a winter ban ticket dismissed if: 

  • You are a physician or surgeon parked reasonably near their office or residence and immediately available for professional calls, or parked reasonably near where they are engaged in professional duties.
  • You are Police Officer, a member of the Police of Canadian Forces, or as a member of the Halifax Regional Fire Service actively engaged in duties. Please submit proof on letterhead advising that you were actively engaged in duties.       
  • If your vehicle was stopped in this zone so you could actively engage in loading or unloading something. 
  • If the vehicle is a taxi and parked at a taxi stand 
  • If the vehicle belongs to a public utility company or corporation parked reasonably near the residence of an operator and immediately available for emergency calls. Please submit proof on utility company letterhead.

13–Private Property (s.149(1))
Please submit as proof documentation on letterhead requesting cancellation from the property owner or authorized representative. (For example, you are a resident in a building and the superintendent accidentally asked for your car to be ticketed.) 

20–Accessible Zone Private Property (s.145(4))
Please submit as proof documentation on letterhead requesting cancellation along with confirmation of the valid accessible permit (permit number) from the property owner or authorized representative.

27–Accessible Parking Zone (s. 145(3))
Please submit as proof a copy of your permit number from a valid accessible permit.

28–Fire Lane (s. 150(2))

If you are ticketed for parking in a fire lane that has not been approved by the municipality, you can request a letter from the property owner to show you were allowed to park there. You can never park in an  approved fire lane.

42–Pay Station Violation (13)(b)(2)
In the following situations you can request that your meter violation ticket is dismissed:

If the vehicle is Department of National Defence marked or vehicles rented by DND displaying pass with red stripe.
If the vehicles are delivery or service vehicles. Please submit as proof a receipt, invoice, or work order including date, time, and location or civic address. 
If the vehicle was stopped in this zone and actively engaged in loading or unloading from the vehicle (no longer than 30 minutes).
If there was no zone letter on the ticket.

What are my other options?

If you have already disputed it and your ticket has been found valid by the municipality and you still don’t agree, you can plead not guilty. You can also choose to plead not guilty instead of disputing your ticket.

You will receive a Summons by mail. This Summons will indicate the date, time and place to appear in court. This is your arraignment.

Your first appearance will be to enter a plea only.

 If the registered owner cannot attend on the arraignment date, a friend or relative may enter a plea on your behalf and a date/time for the trial will be set. 

What happens if I do nothing?

If you do not pay the ticket, dispute the ticket, or make a plea in court, you will automatically be found guilty on the ticket's arraignment court date.

How long do I have to dispute a parking ticket?

You have 14 days from the date of issuance to dispute a parking ticket.

Where can I pay my parking ticket?

You can pay for your parking ticket online or in person at a Customer Service Centre.

I've received a paper ticket but cannot find it in the self-serve portal. How do I pay this ticket?

If the HRM parking ticket is legible, please bring the parking ticket with you to one of our Customer Service Centers and you can pay with cash, debit or credit card. If the ticket is not legible, please call 311.