Boards, committees & commissions

Regional Council has various advisory boards and committees who hold meetings to review and provide advice to staff and Regional Council, community councils or standing committees. 

Regional Council and the community councils appoint members to many municipal advisory boards, committees, and commissions, and also to some external boards. 

Some of these boards, committees, and commissions include volunteer members. Are you interested in volunteering? Find out what positions are currently available, and how to apply.

You can learn more about the boards, committees and commissions via the links below. Boards, committees and commissions whose meetings are supported by the Office of the Municipal Clerk have detailed meeting information online, including minutes and agendas. 

You can browse or search for records of board, committee, and commission meetings.

Looking for a board, committee, or commission from 2016 or earlier? 

Boards, committees, and commissions that include citizen volunteers

External board appointments that include citizen volunteers

External board appointments for councillors only

Regional Council appoints Councillors as members of these external boards, committees, and commissions.

Inactive Boards, Committees and Commissions

These boards, committees, or commissions are not active and no longer meet. Information is provided for research purposes.