The Procurement department performs the procurement function for all municipal business units and agencies, striving to achieve best value for the citizens of Halifax.

Procurement services include:

  • Acquisition of all materials, fuels, equipment and services required by the municipality
  • Disposal of all surplus materials and equipment
  • Control and maintenance of appropriate levels of inventory
  • Physical control, security, and distribution of materials through a network of warehouses and depots located throughout the municipality
  • Solicitation, facilitation and execution of contracts for goods, services and construction

Finding and Responding to Bid Opportunities

Goods and/or Services with an estimated value of up to but not including $10,000 are acquired by municipal departments through invitational processes in accordance with procedures established in the Procurement Policy and Procurement Manual.  

Goods, Services and Construction exceeding $10,000 are procured by the Procurement Department in accordance with procedures established in the Procurement Policy and Procurement Manual.

Effective May 1, 2023, all Halifax Regional Municipality public bid opportunities issued on or after May 1, 2023 will be advertised through Halifax's bids&tenders webpage. Bid opportunities with an estimated value over applicable trade agreement thresholds are also advertised on the Nova Scotia Public Tenders website and on CanadaBuys. Vendors are responsible for staying informed of current or upcoming procurement opportunities.

The municipality encourages any interested bidder who can fulfill the bid requirements to respond to advertised opportunities.  Find out more including how to register as a supplier on bidsandtenders:

Notice: For any solicitations posted to the Nova Scotia Public Tenders website prior to May 1, 2023, bidders should follow the instructions for upload of bids contained in each of municipality's solicitation documents at the time of posting. The submission guide for those solicitations only can be found here, the link for uploading your bid to the Municipality is HERE.


Whenever possible the municipality reuses surplus materials and equipment throughout our business units.  When we are unable to reuse our surplus, opportunities to purchase are posted for auction on or

Social Value Procurement and Supplier Code of Conduct

While Procurement's main goal is to ensure that the municipality has the goods and services needed for its operations at the best possible value, it can also provide positive impacts in our community. Social value procurement is about seeking to make intentional positive contributions to both the local economy and the overall vibrancy of the community.

Through our Social Value Framework and our Supplier Code of Conduct we add to the overall value of our procurement by including considerations related to worker's rights, supplier and supply chain diversity, workplace initiatives such as apprenticeships and paid internships, the creation of meaningful and inclusive employment opportunities for underrepresented groups and support for suppliers who have and implement their own Social Procurement and Living Wage policies. 

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