2024/25 Municipal Budget

Municipal staff are finalizing the 2024/25 Municipal Budget, based on Regional Council’s priorities. 

The proposed budget will see the average residential tax bill increasing by 8.2 per cent – or approximately $188. The impact to the municipal rate will be finalized with the final budget is presented. 

Regional Council will review the 2024/25 Budget and Business Plan and the 2024/25 Capital Budget on Tuesday, April 23 (Contingency: Tuesday, April 30). 

All supporting documentation for the development of the 2024/25 Municipal Budget – including the Budget Direction, Budget Assessment and Business Unit Budget & Business Planning presentations – can be found below.

The annual municipal budget funds all costs associated with servicing a growing municipality. This includes day-to-day municipal operations (for example, transit, police, fire, garbage collection, snow clearing, staffing costs), capital priority initiatives approved by Regional Council (for example, HalifACT, Cogswell District project, Integrated Mobility Plan), as well as capital projects and investments to purchase, construct, rehabilitate and replace municipal assets such as buildings, roads, active transportation, parks and bridges. 

Upcoming 2024/25 Budget and Business Planning presentations

Municipal staff will return to the Budget Committee on the following dates to present key items (see below):

  • Tuesday, April 23 (Contingency: Tuesday, April 30) – Budget Approval 

Past Sessions:

  • Tuesday, Nov. 28 - Budget Direction - AGENDA
  • Wednesday, Jan. 24 - Budget Assessment - AGENDA
  • Wednesday, Jan. 31  - Business Unit and Budget Presentation: Corporate ServicesAuditor General; Property, Fleet & Environment - AGENDA
  • Friday, Feb. 2 - Business Unit and Budget Presentation: Halifax Public Libraries - AGENDA
  • Wednesday, Feb. 7 (Contingency: Friday, Feb. 9) - Business Unit and Budget Presentation: Halifax Regional Police; RCMP - AGENDA
  • Friday, Feb. 9 (Contingency: Tuesday, Feb. 13) - Business Unit and Budget Presentation: Public Works - AGENDA
  • Tuesday, Feb. 13 (Contingency: Wednesday, Feb. 14) - Business Unit and Budget Presentation: Planning & Development - AGENDA
  • Wednesday, Feb. 14 (Contingency: Wednesday, Feb. 28) - Business Unit and Budget Presentation: Parks & Recreation - AGENDA
  • Wednesday, Feb. 28 (Contingency: Friday, March 1) - Business Unit and Budget Presentation: Halifax Transit; Community Safety - AGENDA
  • Friday, March 1 (Contingency: Wednesday, March 6) - Business Unit and Budget Presentation: Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency; Fiscal - AGENDA
  • Wednesday, March 6 (Contingency: Friday, March 8) - Business Unit and Budget Presentation: Halifax Regional Police; RCMP; Corporate Services (con't) - AGENDA
  • Tuesday, April 2 (Contingency: Wednesday, April 3) – Budget Adjustment List (BAL) Review - AGENDA
    • See the most recent Budget Adjustment List here, updated as of February 28, 2024. The Budget Adjustment List is not final until confirmed by the Budget Committee during the Budget Adjustment List Review.

2024/25 DRAFT Capital Plan

See the DRAFT 2024/25 Capital Plan.

2023/24 Budget at a glance
2023/24 Budget Highlights at a glance

Learn more about the key programs and capital projects included in the 2023/24 municipal budget, click here

2023/24 Budget and Business Plan

See the finalized 2023/24 Budget and Business Plan, which was ratified and approval on Tuesday, April 25, 2023.

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