Planning & Development

In 2022, the municipality will undertake substantive planning work for the potential BMBCL Regional Park in collaboration with the Province and Parks Canada. While this initiative proceeds, there are also park infrastructure projects that are being planned and developed as subdivisions are being established in certain areas adjoining public lands that are associated with BMBCL.

The development of West Bedford is one example. A trailhead, to include a new parking lot, will be constructed off Brookline Drive when the land is conveyed to the municipality. A proposed trail will also connect future hikers to pre-existing trails found on both municipal and provincial lands near to Hobsons Lake. The municipality undertook an online engagement in 2021, to assess how this new trailhead would impact people’s current choices and recreational activities. See a summary of the results of the engagement.

As private lands surrounding the proposed Regional Park are developed, the municipality will continue to integrate its park planning and priority capital work in response to public recreational use.