IMP Monitoring and Evaluation

Integrated Mobility Dashboard 

We are pleased to present the Integrated Mobility Dashboard, an interactive dashboard that provides residents with access to the latest mobility data, including daily transit and cycling ridership updates. The dashboard brings together many complex and large datasets and displays them in a manner that is easy to read and understand. 
Some of the key features of the dashboard include:

  • Performance indicators and trends that offer insights into the performance of HRM’s mobility network and our progress in implementing the IMP.
  • Daily transit and cycling ridership data, which are updated automatically and are available in a format that is simple, interactive and customizable, providing users with the ability to dig deeper into the data. The cycling ridership data is available for five (5) locations: South Park Street, Hollis Street, Vernon Street, Windsor Street, and the Dartmouth Harbourfront Greenway.  
  • Mode of transportation to work by year, region, age, sex and income. 

Click the image below to launch the Integrated Mobility Dashboard.

Monitoring and Evaluation Program 

As part of the Integrated Mobility Program (IMP), HRM has established a Monitoring and Evaluation program to measure progress towards achieving the vision and objectives of the IMP.  By tracking the performance of key indicators, municipality is  better able to refine initiatives, shift funding or respond to evolving opportunities and challenges. Some of the key performance indicators (KPIs) presented in the IMP have changed over time based on their usefulness, data availability and as new data and better sources became available. We have also added numerous indicators to assist in telling a more comprehensive story about how mobility in the region has changed.

IMP Implementation Update 2021 

Since the IMP was adopted in 2017, HRM and our partners have delivered several projects to support a wider range of mobility options for our residents. Of the 137 actions in the IMP, 81 are either in progress or have been completed. Each quarter, we release a newsletter with updates about new and ongoing projects. View the most recent newsletter here.

To more fully capture and celebrate the work that has been done to date to improve mobility across the region, we also recently launched the IMP Implementation Update. This report includes statistics and stories about the changes that have been made to our walking/rolling, cycling, transit, and road networks since 2017.  Below, you can read the report and learn more about how far we've come in implementing the IMP. For a PDF version of the report, click here