Rural Recreation Strategy

The purpose of the Rural Recreation Strategy (RRS) is to provide analysis on the future needs for recreation facilities and programming and parkland development in rural areas of the municipality, which will inform recommendations to Regional Council for consideration.

On January 9, 2024, Regional Council approved the Rural Recreation Strategy.  The strategy demonstrates a meaningful shift away from applying urban solutions to rural challenges. Designed to reflect and respond to the unique and evolving rural experience, it outlines six common themes based on the priorities identified in our public engagement. These include:

1) equitable access to indoor facilities;

2) access to outdoor recreation opportunities;

3) volunteer support;

4) programming that meets rural needs;

5) interdepartmental and inter-governmental partnerships; and

6) advertising and communications that reflect rural communities.

The strategy also identifies 60 actions for the short and longer term to improve access to enhanced services, while prioritizing accessibility, inclusivity, and engagement for the next three years and there will be an update to Regional Council within one year.

To learn more, the Rural Recreation Strategy can be found here.