Dutch Village Road Complete Streets

Project Overview

Regional Council voted unanimously in support of the Dutch Village Road Complete Streets Functional Plan on June 9, 2020. 

This project aims to improve safety and address active transportation and transit gaps along Dutch Village Road. Features and considerations include:

  • A sidewalk on the west side of the street.
  • Accessible bus stops.
  • Narrower and enhanced street crossings.
  • Raised protected bicycle lanes on both sides of the street.
  • Direct connection to the Chain of Lakes Trail.
  • On-street parallel parking spaces, replacing the 24 parking spaces that are currently perpendicular to the roadway and are encroaching on the right of way.
  • Streetscaping elements, such as benches and trees.
Cross-section of Dutch Village Road

Cross-section of Dutch Village Road

Project Status

Summer 2023 – final reviews of detailed design are underway. Construction is planned for 2024.

Spring 2022 – detailed design begins.

Winter 2022 – preliminary design completed.

Spring 2020 – Regional Council approved the recommendations of the Dutch Village Road Complete Streets project based on the staff report

Summer 2018 – functional plan work was initiated.

December 2017 – Regional Council adopts the Integrated Mobility Plan (IMP). The IMP identifies Dutch Village Road as a priority sidewalk connection given the lack of pedestrian infrastructure, presence of bus stops, passenger volume and nearby land uses, including daycares, and shops.

Summer 2016 – Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) and Land Use By-law (LUB) amendments enabled pedestrian-oriented residential and commercial growth in the Dutch Village Road area. With the anticipated growth arose a critical need to accommodate pedestrians and ensure the corridor is accessible.

Fall 2014 – Regional Council approves Making Connections: 2014-19 Halifax Active Transportation Priorities Plan. Dutch Village Road intersects with the Chain of Lakes Trail, which is why the street is identified in the Active Transportation Priorities Plan as a candidate bicycle route. This project includes the opportunity to link the community of Fairview with the regional greenway network, as well as the emerging All Ages & Abilities bicycle network on the peninsula, including the multi use path that will be constructed on Bayers Road. 


Contact Charlie Elliott (Project Manager, Design & Construction).