Halifax Travel Activity Survey (HaliTRAC)

What is Happening? 

The Halifax Regional Municipality has partnered with Dalhousie Transportation Collaboratory (DalTRAC) to implement the Halifax Travel Activity (HaliTRAC) survey. HaliTRAC is a voluntary travel survey that collects information on when, why, how, and where residents travel throughout the region. Understanding how residents travel will help guide future planning of transportation infrastructure and will help us make informed investment decisions. 

What is HaliTRAC?

How Do I Participate? 

Invitations to participate in the survey will be sent to randomly selected households across the municipality. If your household was selected, you can choose to complete the survey using one of three methods: 

  1. Online: you can complete the survey by visiting daltraclab.com and entering the secure access code provided on the first page of the questionnaire. 
  2. Phone: If we do not receive your survey, an interviewer from our team will give you a call and provide you with an opportunity to complete the survey by phone.
  3. Mail: you can choose to return the completed survey in the pre-paid envelope that was provided in the invitation package.    

The survey will take about 20-25 minutes to complete. 

Why participate? 

Your participation will:

  • Provide useful information about the travel habits of your community
  • Help evaluate mobility patterns across the municipality
  • Help plan future investments in transportation infrastructure and services

After completing the survey, you will be eligible to enter to win a $200 VISA gift card or one of ten $50 VISA gift cards.

Learn More

To learn more about the project, we encourage you to:

How to Complete your Survey Online
How to Complete a Paper Travel Log


Protecting your privacy is critical to the success of this survey. All information collected will be kept strictly confidential and only used to produce statistical summaries. No directly identifying information will be collected or stored.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about your participation, please contact:

  • HRM Project Manager: Leen Romaneh, MCIP, LPP at romanel@halifax.ca
  • DalTRAC Project Coordinator: Kirstin Poole at daltrac2@dal.ca
What is the Halifax Travel Activity (HaliTRAC) Survey? 

The HaliTRAC survey is a voluntary household travel survey designed to capture how, when, why, and where residents travel throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality. The survey helps inform all levels of transportation planning by collecting information on the travel choices, trip characteristics and demographic composition of residents in the municipality. This data will help the municipality in planning for transportation infrastructure to meet the needs of residents.

What is this survey about?

The survey will collect information about your household and household members’ daily travel activities (when, where, why and how people travel). This information helps guide long-term planning and ensures that the Halifax Regional Municipality makes informed decisions about transportation infrastructure and services.  You can view the survey questionnaire here.

Why are you doing this survey?

This survey will help Halifax Regional Municipality understand how, when, why, and where residents travel throughout the region. This information will help guide long-term planning for transportation infrastructure and services and help HRM make informed investment decisions.

What areas are being surveyed?

The HaliTRAC survey is collecting information about households residing in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Has this survey been undertaken before?

This survey was conducted in 2015 and 2016 for the Province of Nova Scotia, and in 2018 for Halifax Regional Municipality—the results of which helped inform the development of the municipality’s Rapid Transit Strategy. Similar surveys have been conducted in Toronto, Montreal, and Edmonton.

How are households selected to participate?

Households are randomly selected to participate in the HaliTRAC survey. In June 2022, we sent out postcard invitations to 2,000 randomly selected households in Halifax Regional Municipality. Additional invitations will be distributed via mail to 14,500 randomly selected households before November 2022.

When is the survey being conducted?

The survey will take place between June 2022 and November 2022. 

How long will the survey take?

On average, the survey will take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete. Survey length will vary depending on your household size and number of trips your household makes.

Do I have to complete the survey?

Your participation is entirely voluntary. Although the survey is voluntary, we encourage you to participate as your participation will offer valuable insights to ensure planning efforts match the needs of your community, and help the municipality make informed decisions about transportation infrastructure and services as well as anticipate future transportation needs.
For more detailed information about the survey, please visit: https://www.dal.ca/sites/daltrac/HaliTRAC.html

Why am I being asked personal information?

There is a direct relationship between an individual's demographic information and the number and type of trips they make. This information will help forecast transportation needs in the future as the age composition of the municipality changes.

Will my personal information be made public?

No. All information collected will be kept strictly confidential and used to produce statistical summaries only. We will remove your identifying information at the beginning of the data processing stage. Any identifying information will be replaced by random access codes. Although directly identifying data will be removed, indirectly identifying information may still be present in the data. Therefore, DalTRAC research students and municipal staff will maintain strict confidentiality protocols in accessing the datasets for research and transportation planning purposes.