PLANAPP 2023-01906 - 1200 Lucasville Road, Lucasville



Application by UPLAND Planning + Design Studio to amend an existing Development Agreement at 1200 Lucasville Road to allow for a campground use and formalized park entrance for the existing amusement park (Atlantic Splash Adventure). 


The applicant wishes to construct a campground accessory to the existing amusement park (Atlantic Splash Adventure). The major aspects of the proposal are as follows:

  • 44 A-frame “glamping” cabins
  • Two washroom/amenity buildings
  • New on-site septic system
  • Formalized park entrance
  • 324 formalized parking spaces
  • An additional 58 parking spaces to service the campground

The Development Plans (provided below) outline the development proposal in detail, and include information related to the proposed buildings, proposed building locations, driveways, trails, parking lots, and on-site serving.


The application will be considered under the Substantive Amendment to Development Agreement Process.


Staff comments regarding this application have been provided to the applicant. The application is now with the applicant, who is working to address the comments.

Documents Submitted for Evaluation

The applicant has submitted plans and studies required by HRM staff to properly evaluate the application. The documents are also available for review at the Planning Applications office in Downtown Halifax. 

Project Rationale
Traffic Impact Statement
Site Plan
Site Servicing Plan

Contact Information

For further information, please contact:

Alex Wilson

Planner II

Rural Policy & Applications

Telephone: 902.719.9248

Mailing Address

HRM Planning Applications

PO Box: 1749,


Nova Scotia,

B3J 3A5

Attention: Alex Wilson