Halifax Regional Police statement on Meagher Park



In response to media and public interest, Halifax Regional Police today issued the following statement with regards to the upcoming remediation of Meagher Park in Halifax. 

“This morning, Meagher Park was physically secured by Halifax Regional Municipality staff for upcoming remediation work. Halifax Regional Police officers were on hand for support and assistance. Following deteriorating health and safety conditions at the park, a notice to vacate the park was issued on July 5, 2022 with a July 17 deadline for voluntary vacation of the park. 

“Following that deadline, efforts continued with occupants to offer alternative options, which were accepted. Following confirmation that the park no longer had residents staying in it, additional time was provided to ensure that those housing options were being utilized while continuing arrangements to relocate remaining belongings with the assistance of municipal staff. 

“This morning, following the completion of all those steps, and consistent with the commitment to exercise a measured approach, the park was secured with fencing for upcoming rehabilitation work.

“We recognize there is no easy way to have implemented this plan, and the approach we took was meant to reduce trauma from any actions and ensure supports for all involved in the best and most thoughtful possible manner while reducing public safety risks. HRP officers took a patient, measured and supportive approach throughout as the process unfolded while acting in a supportive capacity. 

“We thank everyone for their cooperation and patience throughout this process, and we continue to urge ongoing cooperation as the work continues in the days ahead. 

“All future inquiries related to the upcoming work are asked to be directed to HRM.”