September vehicle/pedestrian collision statistics



Halifax Regional Police and Halifax District RCMP release a monthly vehicle/pedestrian collision report to provide police and citizens with more contextual information on this issue.

A total of 76 vehicle/pedestrian/bicycle collisions were reported from January to September 2020 in Halifax Regional Municipality. Of the total collisions, there were 21 that involved a bicycle or scooter. The remaining 55 collisions were vehicle/pedestrian and there were 57 pedestrian victims.

Of the 57 pedestrian victims involved in reported collisions in 2020:

  • 2 fatalities
  • 2 experienced major injuries
  • 17 experienced moderate injuries
  • 24 experienced minor injuries
  • 12 experienced no injuries

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Note to editors/readers

Starting November, Halifax Regional Police and Halifax Regional Municipality will be jointly releasing data related to motor vehicle and motor vehicle/pedestrian collisions through a single source as part of HRM’s open source data portal at this link:

As a result, HRP will no longer be issuing its monthly motor vehicle/pedestrian collision report. Starting next month, HRP will include a link on its website to the location where the data will be released by the municipality through its open data portal. We ask anyone interested in this information to familiarize themselves with this portal and refer to it for this information starting next month.