December 14, 2016 Halifax Regional Council Special Meeting


Time: Immediately Following Committee of the Whole

Location: Council Chamber



2. Ratification from Committee of the Whole - Fiscal Framework

That Halifax Regional Council direct staff to develop the multi-year operating budgets for 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 according to Council's approved priorities, and preliminary fiscal direction, including:
 - maintaining the appropriate level of existing services with the addition of the new services previously approved by Council;
 - a stable capital budget that maintains state of good repair while also funding growth related issues and service improvements;
 - a responsible and declining debt position;
 - appropriate reserve balances that allow for risk mitigation, future obligations and opportunities;
 - alignment of the current average tax bill for residential homes and commercial properties with all relative economic indicators.

3. Ratification from Committee of the Whole - Proposed 2017-18 Capital Program Budget and 10 Year Capital Plan

That Halifax Regional Council:
 1. Direct staff to prepare the ten-year capital plan, approve the capital budget for 2017-18, and schedule of reserve withdrawals, and approve in principal the 2018-19 capital budget as presented to Committee of the Whole as per Attachments 1a, 1b and 1c of the staff report dated December 5, 2016.
 2. Approve the list of 2017-18 advanced capital funding as per Attachment 2 of the staff report dated December 5, 2016.
 3. Approve the list of multi-year projects as per Attachment 3 of the staff report dated December 5, 2016.
 4. Request staff to look at options to retain the funding levels established in the 2016/17 capital budget for Street Recapitalization and report back to Council.