Attending In-Person Meetings

There are sign-in procedures in place for everyone visiting Halifax City Hall for all meetings and events. 

All visitors, including media, must sign-in at the security desk, located at the main (Grand Parade) entrance of City Hall. Visitors who use the accessible entrance on Argyle Street will be escorted to the security desk by staff. 

All visitors must present federal, provincial, or territorial government-issued photo ID to security. They also must provide their first and last name and the reason for their visit. If a visitor does not have government issued photo ID, they may present two pieces of federal, provincial, or territorial government-issued ID, two pieces of documentation (e.g. bills) or a combination of two pieces of government-issued ID/documentation as long as they both include their first and last name. 

For children younger than 18, one piece of government-issued identification, such as an original birth certificate, health card, passport or non-government-issued ID (e.g. student card) is recommended but not mandatory as long as the child is accompanying a parent/guardian.

Once signed-in, visitors will be given a visitor badge to wear while they’re in City Hall. This badge must be visible during their entire visit and be returned to security staff as they’re leaving the building. 

If visitors require the use of an elevator, they can notify a member of staff who can assist. 

Visitors are reminded that no signs or placards are permitted in City Hall.

For questions about attending a meeting in City Hall, contact the Municipal Clerk’s Office.