Making a difference in our region

Highlighted below are a few recent decisions by Regional Council that reflect steps being taken by the municipality to make a difference in the Halifax region. For more details regarding all matters deliberated by Council and the direction given to municipal staff, please see the action summaries which are posted to the online meeting agendas within one business day as well as the meeting minutes which are posted online once approved by Regional Council.

Highlights from June 18, 2024

Sports ball on lush, green grass under a blue sky.

Lockview High School All-Weather Field Track project

Regional Council has directed the Chief Administrative Officer to advance to the next stage of the Lockview High School Park All-Weather Field project, prior to receiving confirmation of the full amount for community contributions

The HRM Northern Suburban Area Community Turf Committee (Turf Committee) has developed a proposal for the municipality to undertake a redevelopment of the existing grass field to an all-weather turf field. The proposal included project cost estimates and a financial contribution commitment from the Turf Committee that would come from community and corporate fundraising.

Since Regional Council’s approval of the project, the Turf Committee has been actively fundraising, raising approximately $177,000 of the $213,000 required. Council has waived the expected contribution as they are confident the committee will fundraise the required amount and to maintain the project completion date of fall 2025.

For more information, read the motion.

*Note: this motion will be final when the meeting minutes are approved by Regional Council.

The handlebars on a bicycle against a blurred background of a trail head.

Multi-use pathways and bridges in Sackville

Regional Council has directed the Chief Administrative Officer to approve a combination of multi-use pathways and bridges between the Sackville Manor Mobile Home Park across Highway 101.

There is currently no legal or safe way for residents to walk between Sackville Manor Mobile Home Park and the Sackville Transit Terminal. This has created a barrier for pedestrians and cyclists to safely access public transportation and other required services in their community. The installation of multi-use pathways and bridges would create safer options for residents while also aligning with municipal policies, such as the Strategic Road Safety Framework and the Integrated Mobility Plan.

Council has also requested that the mayor write a letter to the provincial government requesting financial support for the capital costs associated with the project.

For more information, read the motion.

*Note: this motion will be final when the meeting minutes are approved by Regional Council.

Previous meeting highlights

Overhead view of construction area next to water and under blue sky.

Project momentum continues in the Cogswell District

With construction approximately halfway complete, crews have made excellent progress in the Cogswell District. In the last six months, crews have demolished the Cogswell Street overpass, completed the lower portion of Bells Lane (the east-west street being introduced near Scotia Square) and installed the first park amenities in Granville Square, including pavers, lighting and landscaping, among other achievements.

In the next six months, crews will be focused on transforming Barrington Street, building a new Halifax Transit hub and advancing work on the roundabout. To facilitate this work, Barrington Street from Upper Water Street to Duke Street will be closed for approximately six months beginning June 17.

In addition to construction, staff are moving forward with land use policy community engagement as well as the storytelling strategy, which will shape the arts and commemoration approach in the Cogswell District.

As part of the project’s community benefits, 36 per cent of the constructor’s workforce have self-identified as belonging to one or more equity-deserving groups in the past 12 months. Additionally, 13.4 per cent of project work hours have been completed by self-identified African Nova Scotians, which exceeds the target of five per cent set out in the project tender and contract. Numbers remain below the targeted five per cent specified in the construction contract for the Mi’kmaw community.

For more information, read the staff report.

Large white van in front of trees

Increase to Rural Transit Funding Program

Regional Council has adopted amendments to allow for a one-time increase to the Rural Transit Funding Program for the 2024/2025 fiscal year. This will assist community organizations that operate community-based transit services in the municipality outside of the municipality’s urban areas.

The municipality’s Rural Transit Funding Program assists community organizations who want to provide efficient, cost-effective forms of public transportation to residents.

Funding available to applications will increase from $5,000 and $10,000 to $6,381 and $12,763 respectively. The per vehicle kilometre rate funding will also increase from 50 cents to 64 cents per kilometre.

For more information, read the staff report.

*Note: this motion will be final when the meeting minutes are approved by Regional Council.