Halifax Regional Police Launches New Peace Bond Navigator Program



Halifax Regional Police Launches New Peace Bond Navigator Program

Individuals who wish to apply for a peace bond through the Provincial Court in Halifax and Dartmouth can now access support from Halifax Regional Police (HRP) Victim Services. Victim Services volunteers will provide potential and current applicants with information on the application process, assistance to complete the application forms and ongoing emotional support.

The Peace Bond Navigator Program was launched as a pilot in late January. Individuals who apply for a peace bond at the courthouse in Dartmouth or on Spring Garden Road in Halifax will be advised of the support available to them through HRP Victim Services and, if interested, a contact number.  Should the applicant contact Victim Services, a volunteer will meet with the applicant via phone or in person. The Victim Services volunteer may provide initial information or continue to offer support throughout the process.

Additionally, Victim Services volunteers will be available at court sessions designated specifically for peace bond hearings to provide emotional support to applicants who have not already reached out to HRP Victim Services.

“This program is part of HRP’s overall efforts to respond comprehensively to the wellbeing and safety of citizens,” says Dolly Mosher, HRP Victim Services Coordinator. “Victim Services volunteers are already trained to provide emotional support to victims, and now with peace bond training, they can combine these skills to act as peace bond navigators. Their support will lessen the potential for people to abandon the peace bond application process because they’re having difficulties.”

To obtain a peace bond, an applicant must have reasonable fear about one or more of the following:

  • their safety
  • the safety of their spouse or common-law partner or children
  • the safety of their property

When individuals wish to apply for a peace bond for reasons related to domestic or sexualized violence, the application will continue to be directed to Nova Scotia Department of Justice Victim Services.