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Project Overview

The Centre Plan is phase three of HRMbyDesign, following the establishment of the Regional Centre vision and principles in phase one, and the creation of the Downtown Halifax Plan in phase two. Taken as a whole, the three phases present a vision of a dense, livable and prosperous Regional Centre (Dartmouth and Halifax urban core) that will create sustained economic, environmental and social benefits across the entire municipality.

The Centre Plan will create a new Secondary Municipal Planning Strategy (SMPS) with implementation tools to guide land use and development within the Regional Centre, which is the area defined as Dartmouth within the Circumferential Highway and Peninsular Halifax. Regulated by four community plans and four land use by-laws that were drafted mostly in the late 1970s, existing planning policies do not reflect current or forecasted economic, social and environmental conditions.

The Centre Plan will enable us to build better communities by directing high-quality, well-designed development to neighbourhoods where it can be accommodated, and will foster complete and liveable neighbourhoods for residents to live, work and play.

To learn more about the project background, where we are in the planning process, and how we will roll out our plan, please visit

March 2017 | Centre Plan

We're pleased to release the Centre Plan, which contains policy direction to respond to what the community said was most important to them. Read it at and learn about next steps for review and approval.