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Halifax Green Network Plan

Halifax’s open space landscape is exceptional in its beauty and diversity, as well as its environmental, socio-cultural and economic value. Being deliberate in how we protect and use open space over the long-term is important to advancing regional planning objectives for sustainable growth and the development of more liveable, complete communities.

Plan Development & Engagement

Learn more about the three phases of the Halifax Green Network Plan, feedback received to date and future opportunities for public engagement. Check out the Halifax Green Network Primer Report and the Values Maps to see what was discussed in phase 1 and 2. See the Phase 3 presentation boards and fact sheet.

Project Overview

Protecting open space is a core value for Halifax citizens and a primary objective of the 2014 Regional Plan. Regional Council has identified the need for a strategic planning framework that will inform best practices for protecting and managing open space as an interconnected system across the Halifax Region. The Halifax Green Network Plan (HGNP) will help the municipality to advance these goals.

State of the Landscape Report: Issues and Opportunities

As the first major deliverable of the Halifax Green Network Plan, the State of the Landscape Report: Issues and Opportunities provides an overview of the key open space values, issues, and opportunities that are considered in the development of the HGNP.


What is open space? Why is it important? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to better understand the goals of the Green Network Plan.

Contact Us

For further information on the Halifax Green Network Plan, please contact Holly Richardson, Planning & Development, 902.490.3665.