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Site Information



The Emera Oval is located on the Halifax North Common at the corner of North Park Street and Cogswell Street. 

Site Accessibility

Sledge in use at the Emera OvalWe are committed to maximizing all benefits of recreation to residents and visitors of the Emera Oval, including persons with disabilities.

Currently accessibility for visitors to the Emera Oval includes:

  • Accessible parking (on Cogswell Street)
  • One accessible washroom
  • In winter season - free sledge rentals (for use in outside lane only)
  • Wheelchairs allowed on concrete/ice (in outside lane only)

Getting to the Emera Oval

google transitTaking Transit

Plan your visit to the Emera Oval using Halifax Transit and chart your route using Google Transit - a free public transit trip planner that integrates Halifax Transit routes, schedules, and stops data into Google Maps.

Google Transit is available in 12 languages, compatible with screen readers for the visually impaired, and works with Google Earth and Google Maps for Mobile Devices.

Chart your course to the Emera Oval now!

Finding Parking

Park SmartIf you plan to take your car, download the Park Smart brochure for some ideas of where to park in DownQuinpool Road Parking Guidetown Halifax when you visit the Emera Oval. Or visit Quinpool Road Association's website and check out their Quinpool Road Parking Guide.





Onsite Amenities

  • New Oval Pavillion building with indoor washrooms.
  • New larger skate rental area
  • Indoor warming room

FREE Helmet, Hockey Skates, Figure Skates, Speed Skates, Sledges and Snowshoe Loans

Please note: A valid Government issued photo ID is required to borrow helmets, skates, sledges and snowshoes.
Are you a youth without a valid Government issued photo ID? A valid school photo ID accompanied by a valid NS Health Card can be used for borrowing skates and helmets.

In winter, all children 12 and under, must wear a CSA multi-impact helmet. CSA multi-impact helmets, hockey skates, figure skates, speed skates, and sledges are available to borrow at the site. Snowshoes to use on the Common, in adult and children sizes, are available too.

In summer, all users of the Emera Oval must wear a helmet. Inline & roller skates, bikes, scooters, helmets and protective gear are available to borrow at the site.

Cool Facts

  • Emera Oval 2013Largest outdoor, artificially-refrigerated ice surface east of Quebec City.
  • An ice surface equivalent to 3 NHL hockey rinks.
  • The ice surface can accommodate up to 1500 skaters at a time.
  • In late February and early March, the higher position of the sun can make it more difficult to maintain the ice. The sun is particularly hard on the dark lines for lane markers and start/finish lines. But we are working as hard as we can to keep the ice in great shape for skating until mid-March.
  • There is approx 450,000 linear feet (85 miles) of piping used to create the oval.
  • Refrigeration design is able to hold ice above 50 F (+10 C) depending on wind and solar exposure. As mentioned above, this becomes more difficult as late February approaches due to the position of the sun.
  • The Emera Oval has approx 55,000 sqft of ice area. (This is more than three full size NHL ice rinks).
  • Ice is approx 2" thick above the pipes.
  • Initial ice making takes about 250,000 litres of water. Ice is resurfaced using an ice resurfacer with a laser leveller and a laser edger.
  • It takes approximately 60 minutes to resurface the ice, using approx. 1700 litres per flood, and is usually done after 2 hours of skating.
  • (6) packaged air cooled chillers each delivering 80 tons of cooling for a combined total of 480 tons of cooling. The packaged air cooled chillers use environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant and consume no water in the condensing process.