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Accountability & Transparency

Halifax Regional Municipality is committed to ensuring access to information and upholding accountability and transparency throughout the organization.

The mace, pictured above, is the symbol not only of the Royal authority but of the authority of the Regional Council. The mace is ceremonially presented and rests on the Municipal Clerk’s table by a Sergeant-at-Arms and must be in place to constitute a meeting of Regional Council. The mace has been viewed as a traditional symbol of accountability.

Auditor General

In accordance with the Halifax Regional Municipality Charter the Auditory General is appointed by Council and works on behalf of the residents of the municipality. The Auditor General has the authority to examine accounts, procedures, and programs of the municipality, as well as any Municipal Board or Commission, or any person or agency receiving a grant from the municipality.

Organizational change

Realignment planned for April 1, 2017

Code of Conduct (Councillors)

The Code of Conduct establishes guidelines for the ethical and interpersonal conduct of Members of Council.

Compensation Disclosure

Compensation levels for elected officials and employees earning more than $100,000/year.

Past Election Campaign Contributions

In accordance with section 49 (8) of the Municipal Elections Act, candidates are required to file their election campaign contribution forms with the Municipal Clerk within 60 days of the Election. A repository of submitted election campaign finance forms dating back to 2008 has been created for public viewing.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPOP)

Part XX of the Municipal Government Act (MGA), contains legislation relating to freedom of information and protection of privacy. The intent of Part XX is to strike a balance between the two principles; freedom of information whenever possible information held by the municipality should be made available to the public; and the protection of privacy the municipality should not improperly collect or disclose personal information.

Open Data

The Halifax Open Data Catalogue is comprised of municipal data sets and is available to the public as part of Halifax's commitment to improving community engagement and enhancing transparency and accountability.

Routine disclosure

The Routine Access Policy is designed to provide individuals with the opportunity to obtain certain records without the requirement for a formal access application. Departments across the organization have established Routine Disclosure Plans, which identify records that may be accessed under routine access or active dissemination

Service standards

Service standards are established to ensure hazards are addressed as a priority, residents are aware of the level of service they can expect, and directional focus is provided for work crews.