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African Heritage Month

It's February! Take the opportunity to learn at the many African Heritage Month Events, and to take a closer look at Municipal Archives' sources on the history of African Nova Scotians in the Halifax Region.

African NS children playing in winter

Engineering and Works photo 102-39-1-1401.12 – unidentified location and individuals, [195?], cropped from original
  • African Nova Scotian councillors
  • Remembering Africville - a source guide to historical municipal sources
  • Halifax County Municipal School Board records and the records of its predecessor Board of School Commissioners for Rural District:  - document the practice of racial segregation of rural schools from 1865 to the 1980s
  • Council minutes document municipal race relations, such as petitions for services to black communities, responses to race riots, committees and offices responsible for improving race relations
  • Jackie Barkley records - community organizer and social worker was active in local anti-racism groups and actions
  • Property assessment records, city directories, and registers from municipal departments hold clues to the family history of individual residents. In early records the "origin" of an individual can be traced through contemporary notations such as "black" or "Negro".
  • Residents and workers photographed in City of Halifax Engineering and Works Department photographs, 1948-1982 - (search on "African Nova Scotian"). Many individuals were not identified in the images, so please let the Archives know if you recognize someone in the photos.

Contact the Archives for assistance using these historical sources, or to offer donations of records so that the Archives has fuller documentation of the region's African Nova Scotian communities.

Halifax Explosion - December 6, 1917

As Halifax prepares to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, the Municipal Archives highlights historical municipal sources on how the communities of Halifax and Dartmouth responded to the tragedy, and how the City worked with the Halifax Relief Commission to re-build.

For information on commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, visit