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Project Overview

The Cogswell Redevelopment Project is a significant undertaking to demolish the old interchange and rebuild the surrounding area, helping to further grow the Regional Centre. This is about building our city; the project will better connect our communities, break down barriers and release land for development that will strengthen the downtown core – a benefit that will ripple through the entire region.


Learn more about the history of the Cogswell Interchange, what's planned for the site and the team behind the redevelopment. Take the 3D tour of the proposed transformation downtown.


Get involved! Review the plan you helped develop for the Cogswell lands and get details on upcoming opportunities for public engagement.


Redevelopment will release six acres of land for mixed-use development. Find out more about the parcels, the plan to sell them and what all this means for the downtown.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's planned for the Cogswell Interchange? When will construction begin? How long will it take? Read through our Frequently Asked Questions for more details on the redevelopment program.


Find out what's been done to prepare for the Cogswell Redevelopment Project, where the team is now and what's next.