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HRM is working to attract more residents to cycling by expanding our bicycle route network, publishing the Bike and Greenways Map, organizing Bike Week, and providing on-street bike parking.

Bike Lanes

Learn about proposed improvements to the South Park Street bike lane, and a proposed on-street bike lane on Devonshire Avenue which would improve the walkability of the street network. Visit the project page to learn more.

Trip Planning

Use the Bike Map to find bike lanes and other designated routes, and urban and rural greenways. Find bicycle parking, air pumps and bike repair stands. Request a public bike rack and learn how Halifax Transit accommodates cyclists.

Safe Cycling

Whether you are cyclist, a motorist or a pedestrian public safety is riding with you. Please see our on-street bicycling information brochure for safety tips and more.

Improving our Cycling Network

Current projects include Windsor-Vernon-Seymour corridor & the Mount Hope Avenue Greenway extension. HRM’s Active Transportation program aims to help use “human powered” ways to move around the municipality. See new bike lanes since 2006.

Rent a Mobile Bike Valet

Clean Nova Scotia offers a Bike Valet service. Bike Valet is like a secure coat check for your bike and the best place to park your fuel-less transportation. While titled Bike Valet, other forms of human powered transportation are welcome too, such as skateboards and strollers.

Past Planning Projects

View past projects such as the North-South Peninsula Cycling Corridor.

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