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HRM By-Laws

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By-Law A-100 Respecting Appeals Committee
By-Law A-200 Respecting Automatic Machines
By-Law A-400 Respecting Alternative Voting for Ordinary Municipal Elections
By-Law A-500 Respecting the By-law to Amend By-laws
By-Law A-600 Respecting Advertisements on Provincial Highways
By-law A-700 Respecting Animals and Responsible Pet Ownership
By-Law B-200 Repeal of Provisions of Building By-laws
By-Law B-201

Building. National Building Code (external link)

By-Law B-400 Alarms
By-Law B-500 Building Service Connections
By-Law B-600 Blasting
By-Law B-700 Business Improvement Districts
By-Law C-300 Respecting Civic Addressing
By-Law C-501 Commerce and Vending on Municipal Lands
By-Law C-600 Capital Cost Charges
By-Law C-700 Cemeteries
By-Law C-800 Regional Capital Cost Charges for Solid Waste Facilities
By-Law D-200 Deed Transfer Tax
By-Law D-300 Derelict Buildings
By-Law E-100 Emergency Measures
By-Law E-200 Encroachments
By-Law F-100 Fire Prevention
By-Law F-200 Fees
By-Law F-300 Provision of Tax Information
By-Law H-100 Civic Holiday
By-Law H-200 Heritage Property
By-Law H-400 Respecting Marketing Levy
By-Law H-500 Respecting Heritage Conservation District (Barrington Street)
By-Law L-100 Local Improvements
By-Law L-200 Respecting Licensing of Construction and Demolition Materials Recycling and Disposal Operations
By-Law L-400 Respecting Lot Grading
By-Law M-200 Respecting Minimum Standards for Residential Occupancies
By-Law N-200 Noise
By-Law N-300 Nuisances
By-Law O-109 Respecting Open Air Burning
By-Law P-100 Police Board
By-Law P-400 Plumbing
By-Law P-500 Parking Meter
By-Law P-600 Municipal Parks
By-Law P-800 Pesticides, Herbicides and Insecticides
By-Law P-1000 On-Street Parking Exemptions and Permits
By-Law P-1100 Charges for Private Road Maintenance
By-law P-1300 Private Ways
By-Law R-100 By-Law and Ordinance Repeal
By-Law R-200

Road Improvement Charges (Greenwood Heights/Maplewood Subdivision)

By-Law S-100 Respecting Sewer Charges
By-Law S-300 Streets
By-Law S-400 Street Improvement
By-Law S-500 Charges for Solar City Program
By-law S-600 Solid Waste Collection & Disposal
By-Law S-700 Respecting Swimming Pools
By-Law S-801

Respecting Temporary Signs

By-Law S-900 Controlled Access Streets
By-Law S-1000 Sidewalk Cafes
By-Law T-1000 Taxis, Accessible Taxis and Limousines
By-Law T-1100 Taxation Agreements
By-Law T-400 Truck Routes
By-Law T-500 Tax Collection
By-Law T-600 Trees on Public Lands
By-Law T-700 Respecting Tax Deferrals
By-Law U-100 Use Charges
By-Law V-100

Respecting Amendments to Various By-Laws
Respecting the Inclusion of Measures to Permit Inspectors to Invoke the Lien Provisions of the Municipal Government Act

By-Law V-101

Respecting Amendments to Various By-Laws
Respecting the Inclusion of Minimum Fines to Invoke the Summary Offence Ticket Provisions of the Summary Proceedings Act

By-Law W-101 Wastewater Discharge