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Household Special Waste (HSW)

The HSW Depot is located behind the Materials Recycling Facility

20 Horseshoe Lake Drive, Bayer's Lake Business Park, Halifax

  • Residential householders of HRM only.  No business/commercial waste.

  • Businesses must contact a private hazardous materials handling company for disposal.

Operating Schedule

Material can only be dropped between 9:00 am - 4:00 pm during the OPEN Saturdays. You can also set up curbside collection reminders to view the HSW depot and mobile event schedules from your phone or tablet.

April 15 – CLOSED

April 22 – OPEN

April 29 – OPEN

May 6 – OPEN

May 13 – OPEN

May 20 – CLOSED

May 27 – OPEN

June 3 – OPEN

June 10 – OPEN

June 17 – OPEN

June 24 – OPEN

July 1 – CLOSED

July 8 – OPEN

July 15 – OPEN

July 22 – OPEN

July 29 – OPEN

Mobile HSW Events

Set up curbside collection reminders to be notified of mobile events.

May 6 - Sackville Transit Terminal, Walker Avenue

May 27 - Porters Lake Transit Terminal, Inspiration Drive

June 17 - Mic Mac Mall, Lower Parking Lot

June 24 - Musquodoboit Rural High

July 8 - BMO Centre, Gary Martin Drive, Bedford

August 19 - Cole Harbour Place

September 9 - Oyster Pond Academy

September 16 - George P Vanier School, Fall River

September 23 - Tallahassee Community School, Eastern Passage

October 14 - Mic Mac Mall, Lower Parking Lot

Mercury Containing Products - Efficiency Nova Scotia

Efficiency Nova Scotia has launched a take-back program for products that contain mercury, including CFL and fluorescent bulbs, thermostats, household thermometers and button cell batteries. For full details, including drop-off locations visit

Dan-X Recycling (64 Trider Cres, Burnside) also accepts CFL and fluorescent bulbs from residents and businesses for a nominal fee. If that program is not an option for you, residents may also place CFL bulbs in a sealed plastic bag in the garbage for collection.

Safe Sharps Bring Back Program

Needles and lancets are not acceptable for disposal in the garbage. For more info, call RRFB Nova Scotia (1-877-313-7732) or your local pharmacy.
  • Pick up a free Safe Sharps container at your local pharmacy.
  • Place your used syringes, needles and lancets into the Safe Sharps container.
  • When the container is almost full, seal the lid and return to your local pharmacy.
  • See the Safe Sharps Brochure for more detail.

Eligible residents may take these items to the HSW Depot:

  • Batteries (Please see info below)
  • Leftover liquid paint or Paint Recycling Program
  • Leftover corrosive cleaners
  • Pesticides/herbicides
  • Gasoline
  • Fuel oil & used motor oil
  • Solvents & thinners
  • Pharmaceuticals & drugs (or return to pharmacy)
  • Aerosol cans containing hazardous substances
  • BBQ propane tanks
  • Small propane cylinders (i.e. for camp stoves and propane torches)
  • Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL bulbs)
  • Residential fire extinguishers
    • Empty fire extinguishers (up to 5 lb) may be placed in the garbage.

Electronics are not accepted at the HSW Depot

  • The following electronic devices are not accepted in the regular garbage or at the HSW depot.

    • Computers (including CPUs, laptops and notebooks)
    • Monitors, Printers
    • Televisions
    • Audio and video playback and recording systems:
      • personal/portable audio/video systems, radios, speakers, CD players, MP3 players, stereos
      • digital cameras, video cameras and camcorders
      • VCR's, DVD players
      • clock radios
      • car stereo systems
      • home theatre in a box
    • Telephones (corded and cordless)
    • Fax and answering machines
    • Computer Scanners
    • Cell Phones and other wireless devices

  • To locate the nearest drop off centre visit or call 1-877-462-8907.
  • Computers for Schools - Computers in working condition only. Please call ahead to confirm.
  • There is NO FEE to drop these items off for recycling.

Battery Recycling Program

Resident can now take ALL BATTERIES to a Call2Recycle drop-off location for disposal. This includes rechargeable and single-use batteries (under 5kg) as well as used cell phones.

Visit to find the nearest drop-off site.

Paint Recycling Program

  • Leftover paint can be taken to any ENVIRO-DEPOT™ in HRM free of charge.  Check here for details on Nova Scotia's Paint Recycling Program or call 1-888-772-9772.
  • If you have small amounts of liquid paint, open the lid to air dry; or mix with sand or 'kitty litter', then place with regular garbage for disposal. Place empty paint cans in the garbage.
    • Dry or empty paint cans, brushes and rollers are not considered hazardous material and should not be brought to the HHW depot or ENVIRO-DEPOT™. Dispose of these with your regular garbage.

Used Oil Recovery Program

  • Residents can contact their oil retailer for used oil drop-off. Retail locations that sell oil must provide drop-off options.

Propane Tanks (large BBQ size)

  • May be returned to locations who offer tank exchange.

Special Notes