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Get outside on the Emera Oval year-round! Ice skating in the winter and inline skating in the summer. How great is that?

Now Open for 2014/15 season

Sharpen your skates and get ready to hit the ice. Yippee! The Emera Oval is open for the season. Earliest opening yet. Check the schedule before you bundle up and head over. Please remember children 12 years of age & under must wear a CSA approved multi-impact helmet (hockey helmet). Only CSA approved multi-impact helmets (hockey helmets) are allowed on the ice.

Final Designs

Come see the final designs for the building at the Emera Oval.

NEW-Family Skate

Beginning Sunday, January 25th, 10:30 am -12pm will be designated family skate time (adults & their children must skate together). Strollers will be permitted on the Emera Oval during Family Skate times ONLY and under the following conditions.

Non-profit and Charity Events & Community Booths

Host your non-profit and charity events & community booths at the Emera Oval. We are pleased to offer registered non-profit and charity organizations serving HRM the opportunity to host a community booth at the Emera Oval. Event Proposal Application. Community Booth Application.

Site Information

The Emera Oval is located on the Halifax North Common at the corner of North Park Street and Cogswell Street.

Special Events

Will include: skating festivals & events and major special events.

Learn to Skate

The Emera Oval Canadian Tire Jumpstart -I Love to Skate program is designed to teach recreational ice skating in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. Friendly, enthusiastic staff will create a fun environment for participants to learn to skate.

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