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Ice skating season over for 2013/2014

Thanks to everyone for another fantastic season at the Emera Oval. This season we had 80 operational days with over 132, 000 users. 

Question: It’s still quite cold, why did the Emera Oval close?

Answer: A number of factors determined the selection of March 16th, 2014 as the closing date:

  • In late February and early March, the position/angle of the sun can make it more difficult to maintain the ice.
  • Last year an attempt was made to extend the season as long as possible. This resulted in many disappointed skaters and lots of complaints as the site was closed more than it was open. Thus the decision was made this year to set the date and “celebrate” the closing to help users plan their “final skate”.
  • The contracts for seasonal staff and ice maintenance finish at the end of March Break. Extending beyond this is will cost HRM additional funds with the risk of being closed more than open. Also if skates are cancelled seasonal staff who were scheduled to work just don’t get paid.

Question: But, I heard the chillers can maintain the ice until about +10 C

Answer: Typically, this is true. The refrigeration design is able to hold ice above +10 C depending on wind and solar exposure. However, the position/angle of the sun this late in the season makes it more difficult to maintain the ice regardless of temperature. The sun has more strength and it is hard on the ice.

Question:  Are there any other HRM facilities where I can skate once the Emera Oval closes for the season?

Answer: The skating season is winding down at most HRM operated facilities but many of them are still open until the end of March. Visit the public skating webpage for a list of locations and times. Unlike the Emera Oval, there is typically a charge to skate at these facilities.


Summer skating at the Emera Oval

rollar skate imageDid you know we have inline & roller skates you can borrow in the summer at the Emera Oval? Yes, beginning in June and running until September you can borrow inline & roller skates & all the required protective gear. Have your own inline skates? After the ice melts you can use the Emera Oval at your leisure. This webpage will be updated with summer programming information as it becomes available. Check back soon!


Host your non-profit and charity events & community booths at the Emera Oval during on-ice season

We are pleased to offer registered non-profit and charity organizations serving HRM the opportunity to host a community booth at the Emera Oval during this on-ice season.

Event proposal application To PDF Acrobat Tips

Community booth application To PDF Acrobat Tips