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The Emera Oval

Get outside on the Emera Oval year-round! In-line skating in the summer and ice skating in the winter. How great is that?

Special Events

See what special events are happening at the Emera Oval.

Site Information

The Emera Oval is located on the Halifax North Common at the corner of North Park Street and Cogswell Street.

Non-profit and Charity Events & Community Booths

Host your non-profit and charity events & community booths at the Emera Oval. We are pleased to offer registered non-profit and charity organizations serving the region the opportunity to host a community booth at the Emera Oval.

- Event Proposal Application.To PDF Acrobat Tips
- Community Booth Application. To PDF Acrobat Tips

Rules & Regulations

Summer rules for participating at the Emera Oval.

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Upcoming Events