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Current Surveys

Off-Leash Dog Areas

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Purpose: Through a motion of Halifax Regional Council held on June 24, 2014 Municipal staff have been requested to review the existing Off Leash Parks Strategy to assess requirements, management and programing costs including the establishment of fenced off- leash parks. This survey will help inform Halifax Regional Council about park user opinion. Any reference to off-leash areas in this survey applies to municipal parks and sport fields in the Halifax Regional Municipality. The existing Off-leash Parks Strategy may be found at

Survey closes September 25th.


Land Use Policy Survey: 6009-6017 Quinpool Road & 2032-2050 Robie Street

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Applications for changes to the existing Municipal Planning Strategy have been made for properties at 6009-6017 Quinpool Road as well as 2032-2050 Robie Street. The proposed changes would allow buildings taller than what is currently permitted in the existing plan.  The current proposals are both for mixed-use buildings with a 28 and 12 storey tower being proposed for 6009-6017 Quinpool Rd and a 24 storey building proposed for 2032-2050 Robie Street. The responses provided will be used to help develop policy for these two sites.

Regional Council has initiated the process to review the two applications together and to begin considering what types of changes may be appropriate in this location. As a community member, your feedback is being requested. To aide in your responding to the survey, a public open house will be held on October 1, 2014 at the Halifax Forum - Maritime Hall, 6209 Almon Street between 6:30 - 9:00 pm. An additional opportunity to provide feedback on the specific building proposals will occur in the form of a public meeting scheduled at a future date.

Further information can be found:

Quinpool Road:

Robie Street:

Survey closes October 10th.