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Service Disruptions

The Macdonald Bridge will not close on weekends until further notice. Regular service will be running until the closure that begins at 7 p.m. on Sundays until 5:30 a.m.on Mondays. Every week, there will be evening closures Sunday - Thursday beginning at 7 p.m. until project completion.

Temporary Stop Closures

Please be advised due to a construction related closure of Hornes Rd, the following stops will be closed effective Thursday, Aug 29, 2016 for approximately 1 month:

Notices direct passengers to stops on Cow Bay before Briarwood:
7147 Hornes Rd After Cow Bay Rd
8660 Hornes Rd At Civic 65
8661 Hornes Rd At Civic 41

Notices direct passengers to stops on Caldwell after Briarwood:
8662 Hornes Rd Before Caldwell Rd
8663 Caldwell Rd Before Kenyatta Dr

There will also be one temporary stop on Briarwood.

Temporary Relocation of Stop #6121 BARRINGTON ST at SACKVILLE ST - Effective Tuesday, June 14, 2016

This stop will be temporarily relocated one light pole south from its current location in front of the Discovery Centre. The stop will be relocated for estimated two years.

Temporary Relocation of Stop #8149 QUINPOOL RD at VERNON ST (east) - Effective Wednesday, May 6, 2016

Please be advised that effective Wednesday, May 4, 2016, stop # 8149 QUINPOOL RD at VERNON ST (eastbound) will be temporarily relocated west to a post in front of civic 6140 Quinpool (former location of Kings Palace restaurant). This relocation will be effective for approximately one year.

This move is required due to a Development construction related sidewalk closure. A Notice to Operators will be posted.

Temporary Relocation of Stop #8331 SPRING GARDEN RD at QUEEN - Effective February 24, 2016

Beginning February 24, 2016, stop #8331 SPRING GARDEN RD at QUEEN ST (west bound) will be temporarily relocated to the second utility pole on Spring Garden Rd east of Grafton St. This pole is located just after Saint Mary’s Basilica, between Grafton and Barrington. This move is required due to a construction related sidewalk closure. This stop will be relocated for approximately two years. Notices will be posted on street.

Temporary Relocation of Stop #6102 BARRINGTON at BLOWERS - Effective January 27, 2016

Beginning January 27, 2016, stop #6102 BARRINGTON ST at BLOWERS ST (South Bound) will be temporarily relocated north near the light pole at civic 1588, mid-block between Sackville and Blowers St. This move is due a construction related sidewalk encroachment.The stop will be back to its regular location as soon as this work is complete. Notices will be posted on the street.

Scotia Square MetroLink/Express Stop Closure - Effective October 17, 2015

Beginning on October 17, 2015, the MetroLink/Express bus stop on Barrington Street (Scotia Square) will be temporarily removed as a result of renovations at the site. The routes that currently use this stop will be relocated to other temporary locations nearby. The new locations will allow ramp deployment for routes that offer accessible service. Specific information on each routes relocation is listed below:

Routes 31 Main Express, Route 32 Cowie Hill Express, Route 33 Tantallon Express and Route 34 Glenbourne Express will all relocate to a temporary stop north on Barrington Street near Cogswell.

Routes 159 Portland Hills Link and 185 Sackville Link will relocate to an existing bus stop west on Duke Street.

Routes 21 Lakeside/Timberlea, Route 84 Glendale Express, Route 85 Downsview Express, Route 86 Basinview Express and the Halifax Transit Bridge Shuttle will relocate to the existing bus stop south on Barrington Street.

To avoid congestion at the Duke Street stop, Route 2 Wedgewood and Route 4 Rosedale will relocate to a temporary location behind Scotia Square at the corner of Duke and Albemarle Streets.

Please review the map of all of the changes and Halifax Transit apologizes to our passengers for any inconvenience.

Scotia Square Stop Replacement 300

Macdonald Bridge Redecking Service Disruptions

Starting Feb. 23, 2015, Halifax Transit will be operating shuttle buses to transport passengers to and from the Bridge Terminal in Dartmouth and Scotia Square in Halifax. These shuttles are required to accomodate closures on the Macdonald Bridge for the 'Big Lift' project. More information on impacted routes can be found on our Bridge Re-decking page.